February 26, 2008

Sports And Arts On My Mind

I'm a big Sabres fan, and today the saga of defenseman Brian Campbell should end with either his signing of a mongo contract or being traded because Golisano et al couldn't make the economics work. Certainly the latter will create more heartburn for the Sabres in the wake of the Drury and Briere fiascos a year ago.

What's on my mind is what are reasonable expectations for our sports teams given the state of the local economy, and do we as fans need a big reality check?

The front page of the Buffalo News describes the unfortunate close of Studio Arena Theatre. I write unfortunate because it seems I should, but I must admit I've never been there. It seems a simple case of supply and demand...and the demand just wasn't there to keep Studio Arena open.

Is that much different for the Bills and Sabres? Economics dictate the Bills play some games in Toronto. Economics dictate the Sabres will always be losing talent to free agency. And while fans will be doing a lot of handwringing over the stuff (myself inlcuded), are our sports team really just one more victim of the failure of the politicians in this state to create a competitive economic environment where we can all live and thrive...and have the disposable income to support the arts and sports that interest us?

Just wondering as the clock ticks for Mr. Campbell.


William Wallace said...

trade em

The Realist said...

Sad relation is where are not a big league town anymore. Time to get on the UB bandwagon for basketball and football.

Larry S said...

Some might think that because Golisano is a billionaire that he can dump millions into the Sabres like he did his runs for governor (he spent $75 million last run). But the bottom line is that Golly is an extremely smart businessman. It's simple economics, it's ROI. He is not going to "invest" money in the team if he knows that he is not going to get the retuen on investment.

Buffalo is one of many small market teams that have an excellent minor league system, but cannot afford to retain those players as they blossom in the big leagues. The Florida Marlins are the epitome of this situation.

I am very leery of Golisano making statements in regards to buying the Bills. That makes me very, very nervous. How about you, do you like the sound of the Rochester Bills?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like everyone content being just a mediocre part of the state. You ask why Western New York doesn’t thrive, it’s because we are to quick to get rid of everything. One of the Seven Wonders of the World in our backyard and only Canada has learned how to make money off of it. And why support UB when we have local teams right here in Niagara County. “Go Lions Yeah”