February 11, 2008

Parochial Thinking

So much for all this talk of regionalism. The same goes for trying to address the dysfunction of Albany. Nope, let's look out for ourselves, the rest of you can fend for yourselves. At least that's what Tim Marren thinks. Marren, editor of the Lockport Union Sun & Journal, thinks that Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker is doing such a fine job in his current position that he should stay right where he is. Tucker's name is frequently tossed about as a potential candidate for the 142nd Assembly seat.

Come on, Tim. Yes, Tucker is doing an excellent job for Lockport. But what about the bigger picture? I do agree that losing Tucker would have an impact on Lockport, but, no one can say what that impact would be. Having him as our Assemblyman, and more importantly, taking his successes to Albany, cannot be a bad thing.

Marren goes on to say, "The reason Tucker’s name has come up so many times with regard to the Assembly seat and even other higher offices is because he’s doing a fine job. Because he’s doing a good job for Lockport shouldn’t be enough for him to be plucked from the Lock City and plopped down in Albany". Then who should we send, Tim? You continously harp about the incumbents and you don't want other local officials who are doing well to try to make positive changes in Albany, so should we look for the worst local officials to send to Albany?

One thing is clear-if Tucker does enter the race for Assembly or some other elected office, he will be a strong candidate to contend with. For now, let's hope he, and Lockport, continue to enjoy success.


tom trippi said...

I applaud Tim Marren's smart article. Tucker would be in the minority in Albany and essentially ineffective. In his executive role as the Mayor of Lockport he is much more capable in getting things done. Plus, it's no guarantee that a good executive will be a good legislator.

No, Tim Marren is right on this one.

Fawn Leibowitz said...

No way. With that line of thinking, no one who would be in the minority should ever be elected.

pirate's code said...

I'm going to take a wild guess that Mike Tucker is smart enough to make his own decisions, and not worry too awfully much about what Tim Marren has to say about it.

But, this Marren fixation must be dealt with, once and for all. I suggest "Hobbes vs. Marren: Steel Cage Death Match." They can whack each other with keyboards or throw wireless mouse devices like dodgeballs.

nicky said...

Why is Marren you lastest victim!! He is fine when he spouts what you like but not when he stands up to the GOP hacks you love so much

harry said...

I think Hobbes is all wet on this one. It's not like he criticized Tucker and said he's unfit for higher office. He said we need Mike to continue doing the great job he's been doing to clean up Lockport.

Hulk Hogan said...

PC is right on again, but I would make this a fatal three-way with Hobbes vs. Marren vs. Tom Christy. Or maybe even throw in Scott Leffler to boot.

Now we're talking...an over the top battle royal. Let's get Prohask and Scheer in too.

proud democrat said...

I agree with Tom Trippi on this issue. Tucker is good in an executive role. But what happends when he gets to albany as a minority member. He wont have Maziarz to give him member item help, or a stacked GOP council to make him look better than he is. He will accomplish great things for Lockport if he stays put were he is.

But I got a feeling we are all wrong on this one. Just like hobbes post from earlier this year dont be surprised when Tucker runs for a surprisingly open senate seat this year instead. Ive got a feeling that the entire landscape for control of albany itself changes due to the senate races in this end of the state. Remeber this posting and stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

pd, you're wrong about the member items, remember misguided "Day One" Spitzer allocated several hundred Gs to minority legs for district projects.

As far a higher office, for those who want to retain Tucker, pay him more. That's what they do in private biz to retain talent, right?

Northender said...

After this term, yes, Tucker would be a good candidate. But as it stands, with as much good as he's done for the city, the job's not done yet. He made downtown a viable area of Lockport again, now it's time for him to get to work in the neighborhoods. If he left now, he would be leaving with a job half done.

pirate's code said...

Proud Dem -- Now that you've rolled the grenade into the room...what vacant senate seat might we be talking about? Maziarz? You have some insider info that George is going elsewhere, and where might that be?

Or maybe Tucker moves to the Falls to run against Antoine "I'm voting against legislation I sponsored" Thompson?

Northender -- The point about the job being half done is unfair to anyone who holds office. No matter how good a job any mayor does, it is never "done." And it is never just the mayor's job. Grant that Tucker has moved things along in Lockport like no other mayor in quite some time. But to hold him to an impossible standard is silly.

And, pd, you're correct that we don't know how good a job he would do as a minority assemblyman. But, that uncertainty works both ways. He might be the most effective minority member the leg has ever seen.

In any event, if Mayor Tucker bothers to read any of this, I hope he does so with a bemused smile, because at least he's being talked about in a mostly positive light. Unlike the most recent departed mayor in the Falls, or the current...um..."leader" in North Tonawanda. The discussion about how effective either would be in a higher office would be a short one, indeed.

Anonymous said...


I can't help but notice that you bash Marren here, but don't post at the Lockport Journal's web site, where he might see it. And you bash Christy, but do you call in? If you really want to "promote civil discourse," why not branch out to other venues?

Hobbes said...

Anon, I do read the US&J message board, but primarily to get a feel for the types of issues which generate interest. For the record, the Marcy Cole situation is one I have considered posting on many times because I have quite a bit of insight on, but haven't pulled the trigger out of respect for one of their children who has been to my house many times. I've also refrained from touching the issue here because of my personal knowledge of the situation. It's a very, very sad situation for the children of RBK and the Cole kids as well, and I'll leave it at that.