February 19, 2008

Baby Joe Thinks About Politics

I don't know why the idea of Baby Joe Mesi running for State Senate intrigues me, but for some reason it does. And I don't necessarily have one clear thought on it, just some gut shot reactions:

1) Does this mean he is giving up on being Heavyweight Champion of the World? I always wanted to see him get a shot at the belt.

2) It's a shame that people who are famous for a host of reasons suddenly head to the front of the line for public office just because they have some name ID. It reminds of Law and Order's Fred Thompson, who had a pretty lackluster career in the Senate, suddenly being the frontrunner for president. Once the hoopla died down so too did his chances.

3) Similar to the point above, once someone with a little juice jumps into the political arena, they quickly lose that little spark they had....they become just another candidate. This is especially true in long elections. Gov. Arnold was able to win in a highly unusual recall election that happened so fast he never really got bloodied. Baby Joe is in for one long fight for the Senate.

4) Who knew Baby Joe had ties to former Democrat Chairman Steve Pigeon? Mr. Pigeon really is quite the behind-the-scences force in local, state and national politics.

5) Does anyone know where Baby Joe stands on any issues at all?

6) Given the continued changing demographics in this state that make it more and more Democrat each day, I wonder if famous people like Baby Joe will automatically be Democrats when they choose to run because it's much easier to win that way.

7) WNY is home to some top notch legislators on both sides of the aisle who view the job as a 24/7 affair and are really committed to getting things done...Senator Maziarz and Congressman Higgins come immediately to mind. Does anyone really believe Baby Joe will have this type of dedication?

8) What Senator would want to go toe to toe with Baby Joe in a heated debate knowing that Joe could kick his butt out behind the Capitol afterward? (OK, I know it wouldn't happen, but it makes me laugh.)

9) Will he really run knowing he has to disclose his finances?

10) If he is serious about this, should we assume he never fully recovered from his injuries?


Anonymous said...

This is just some terrible joke. We need some real representation in this area, not has-been C-list celebrities looking for something to do.

NaCl said...

What a great juxtposition this will be. Playboy Joe who hasn't done anything of significance running for Senate while a real American Hero, Jon Powers, runs in the same communit for Congress. Why do I think Mesi will (unfortunately) get more attention.

Northender said...

#10 - Yes.

Larry S said...

Joe Mesi's entire boxing career was predicated on fighting one tomato can after another because his father wanted pay day after pay day. Once Mesi fought a decent boxer, he almost was killed. Now someone is telling him that because he rolled over all of his previous opponents, he could roll to a Senate victory. Personally, I've never respected Mesi as a boxer. I'm not my image of him as a boxer will change as a politician.

Oliver said...

Not to deal in too much rumor, however, I have a number of younger friends who are still active in the "party" scene. From what they tell me they've seen, Baby Joe better think long and hard about the skeletons in his closet before he runs.

Larry Castellani said...

Love it!! Especially, Hobbes title: “Baby Joe “THINKS” About Politics.” Thinks? When?? Forgive me, maybe I missed it. But the real joke is that we’re not sure if it is a joke or not.

Well, if Ronald Reagan can be passed off as a “great communicator”, then why not Mesi as a “politician.” If Bush can be passed off as a President, then why not Mesi as a whatever.

Remember Dan Quayle? Bush looks like a Rhodes Scholar compared to him.

But then when did I ever get the silly idea that a politician had to think? Isn’t democracy these days really nothing but a popularity contest anyhow?

Why not Baby Joe for President? Muhammad Ali could be his running mate. Randy Couture as Secretary of State. Hulk Hogan as…well you get the idea, I hope.

You still want to reduce money for education???

opie said...

Who would he be running against?

Anonymous said...

Top notch, 24/7, committed and Senator Maziarz in the same sentence. I thought I was reading the Sunday morning comics. Thanks Hobbs for my morning laugh.

pirate's code said...

Celebrity-as-politician is nothing new in the last 50 years or so, not even here in Western New York. Remember Tony Masiello? What was his claim to fame before running for office? College basketball star. Anthony Nanula? Rich kid, son of rich guy, who was able to spend huge in a special election to buy name recognition.

Hell, Rick Snowden was being given serious consideration as a candidate for Erie County exec, apparently based on his vast experience giving young women their start in business -- as pole dancers at his gentlemens clubs.

Who knows, maybe Baby Joe is a policy wonk at heart, with a well thought-out series of positions and policies to help turn the fortunes of this area around. Or, maybe he's just another "name" that will draw voters like moths to a flame, while some behind-the-curtain handler (Pigeon?) actually makes the decisions.

By the way, anon, I was having the same laugh regarding Hobbes' characterization of certain electeds in this area as top notch and committed -- only my chuckle was his inclusion of Brian Higgins. I'm still looking for the secret password that unlocks the mystery as to why this guy looks like such a hero for taking on state issues when he did so little while actually in state government. He is the master at seeing which way a parade is headed, then running to the front.

Politics at its best in WNY is, sadly, also politics at its worst far too often.

Proud Democrat said...

Anything that has Steve Pigeons name attached is under question from the start. I seem to remember Mesi running away with that fight until getting punched in the back of the head acouple of times. Who wouldn`t be out of it after that. But I have to agree with most of everyones comments on this one.

Anonymous said...

I would take my chances with a candidate whose politics and beliefs are a complete mystery to me over the likes of Ward and Ianello.

Anonymous said...

I'm a democrat who will support Joe Mesi over Dan Ward or Michele Ianello (Dennis Ward's wife). The Wards serve only themselves, and they drive good people out of political life. Michele just isn't qualified and has done nothing for the community and Dan Ward is a "has been."

Read more about the Ward's antics at: www.danwarddanwarddanward.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Dennis and Dan Ward have pushed all the highly qualified candidates out of public life and now they have only each other to fight. Michele Ianello (Dennis Ward's wife) only has a high school degree, she is dumber then a bag of bricks, and Dan Ward is widely despised by the Democrats who he has hurt.

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