January 2, 2008

Updegrove To Retain Leadership Role

Niagara Times has learned that the Niagara County Legislature's Majority Caucus has scrapped plans to change its key leadership position. Current Majority Leader Rick Updegrove was previously rumored to pass the seat to Niagara Falls Democrat Jason Murgia.

From what sources have told us, the Majority Caucus had sought an opinion from the county attorney as to the legality of having a Dem as the leader. Apparently the attorney told the caucus that such a move would be a violation of county rules because the Majority Leader legally must be from the majority party, thus Murgia would be ineligible to hold the position.

At this point, Updegrove will retain the Majority Leader's position, while Murgia will continue to Chair the Administration Committee.


EAT AT JOE'S said...

I "heard" that the former clerk of the legislature was fired from his cushy job at NCCC for sexual harashment. If so, how is Rick Updegrove and company going to handle that situation if it is true! They better not give him that nex PIO job!

The Insider said...

Joe, I read your post and asked someone at NCCC about this and they said Carney is still employed there. Don't know where you got that information.

nicky said...

insider. I was heard the NCCC board members were told by the Pres of NCCC that it is true.

Anonymous said...

Have to give Updegrove a lot of credit. His leadership role puts him in the spotlight and he takes a lot of crap from people that is uncalled for. If you actually take the time to listen what he has to say he is very knowledgeable. I live in his district, And have actually called him in the past, and to my surprise he promply returned my called and answered all my questions. Kudos to Updegrove.