January 3, 2008

Tom Christy's Vulgarity

I must admit, sometimes I am a glutton for punishment. If I wasn't why else would I subject myself to watching Legislative Journal with Tom Christy? I can't blame it on the egg nog, I didn't have a single drink this Christmas season. Maybe it was the delirium of being off of work for a week. Whatever the reason, I did tune in for the latest mind numbing drivel from Christy. I believe the show was taped a week or so before Christmas.

I had hoped that Christy might start cleaning up his act. Apparently, that was wishful thinking. Watching the show, I heard Christy call, not one, but two callers a "bastard". Yes, on two separate occasions, Christy labeled two of his callers with this colorful euphemism. The unfortunate targets of Christy's spectacular vocabulary were Brian from Kenmore and "Pothole" Lou from Niagara Falls.

I guess one could try to rationalize what he may be thinking with the use of such vernacular, but if there's a reasonable explanation, it's beyond me. Was it meant to be a cute, affectionate way of addressing the callers? Because "bastard" is hardly a term of endearment that I'm aware of.

Once again, we have to ask, what on earth is going on at LCTV? Why is he being allowed to continue? Is there no one there with the courage to see that this guy is destroying the reputation of this organization? What about the City of Lockport Common Council and the Town of Lockport Board? They're funding this organization, and their reputations are also on the line.

It's time to get Christy off of the Government Channel. If he wants to make personal attacks and use vulgarity, Lockport COMMUNITY Television is certainly not the place for it.

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sick & tired said...


Larry S said...

Christy isn't getting better, he's getting worse. One has to wonder is he does not have some type of disorder or dependency.

It appears that he thinks he's invincible and can do or say anything he wants.

I've got a newsflash for Christy and LCTV: It is NOT the Tom Christy Show, it's Legislative Journal.

Show some sack, dump this chump and bring the show back to respectability.

Anonymous said...

Perfectly said, kudos to sick and tired. We know there is a personal vendetta against Christy, but honestly the last two weeks were so refreshing talking about Niagara County and not Christy, Christy, Christy. God it sounds like a Brady Bunch Rerun.

Johnny Walker said...

sick & tired, since you gave such a descriptive analysis of the post, let me ask you, do you condone the actions noted here by Christy? Do you think it's okay to call people who call into Legislative Journal "bastard"?

I'm betting that you'll come back with, "this is all part of the blog's witch hunt, blah blah blah". But if you can get away from that, I'd truly like to know your thoughts on your boy's choice of words.

Donna B said...

The YAWN in this is that LCTV still refuses to answer why Lockport taxpayers underwrite an Erie County resident political show on our government channel.

Anonymous said...

If Tom Christy is going to moderate- and I think he can do it well if he tries- then moderate. I do not want his opinions and thoughts- he is not the elected person I want to hear from. I recently watched him get absolutely schooled by a caller on some very basic concepts regarding taxation. Of course, his biggest mistake was relying on Scott Leffler as a credible source of information. The time for getting useful information about our local government from Tom Christy has long since passed.

can't fool 'em all said...

So would it be okay to say "bastard" on the non-government channel?

donna b said...

He can say bastard all he wants as far as I'm concerned. Just get him off the government channel where he has no business being.

Anonymous said...

YAWN. I have Direct TV, can't watch. Wouldn't watch him if I could. Next topic please.

Larry Castellani said...

Not quite Socratic impiety. Not quite the blasphemy of Jesus. Not even the transgression of religious boundaries by Gandhi. Possibly “we” could better get him for egregious hairstyle or the shrill, piercing, glass-shattering voice. Seriously though, my inside sources tell me that Christy’s use of “bastard” was based on personal knowledge as to the “legitimacy” of the callers in question. In keeping with the social outcry for accuracy and objectivity, I understand that Christy was simply trying to conform to scientifically verifiable criteria. Christy’s lawyers have told him that his use of “bastard” was not politically incorrect but clearly defensible on grounds of positivist epistemology. There has however been a complaint filed by NAG, the Niagara Association for (Great) Government, that Christy has breached acceptable standards of political knowledge and moral accountability. Since Christy has not met up to the impeccable criteria of theoretical insight, critical acumen and ethical purity that has been attained by the mass majority of county citizens, he is impeachable on grounds of intellectual treason and moral and linguistic lassitude. Will someone not rid us of this thorn in our side!!!

Big Daddy said...

Let me just say it:

I don't like Tom Christy or his show. I used to when he was a fair-minded individual who seemed well-informed on the issue and asked intelligent questions.

I think he's a joke now with an agenda which is why you see fewer and fewer legislators going on his show.

I can understand the Niagara Times trying to hold him accountable, even if I'm sick of the issue.

So, here's my suggestion. Do a "Tom Christy Watch" which should be short posts that call him on the carpet for his antics...or praise him if he should ever do anything notable.

That way, you can hold him accountable (and by extension the LCTV board) without sidetracking posts on important stuff.

Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy just nailed it- he has an agenda. But what is his agenda? It can't be to show how smart he is because most of what he says is incorrect, misleading or just plain stupid. It can't be to inform because facts don't play a large role on his shows. It can't be to promote his good government group because they have not accomplished a single thing. So what is it?

freedom fighter said...

To use the free airwaves provides by the good people of Lockport to find himself a good paying gig.

Seriously, it's obvious Christy is trying to parlay his pseudo-celebrity stance into something that throws a few benjamins his way.

That whole not-for-profit good government thing he was doing was a vehicle to get himself PAID!!!

sick & tired said...


I don't care what Christy says or does. If I watch the show, its because he has a guest that I'm interested in seeing and hearing.

As I said before, I think Chrity's "agenda" is to hear himself talk. Those who think otherwise give him too much credit.

As far as his language, overall I wish more people used a more civilized vocabulary. BUT... the term cited by blogger hobbs is among the less offensive I hear today, even on network television, when I dare to watch such drivel.

So on balance, YAWN.

Although LC's post did make me laugh, despite not having a clue of what he said!

pirate's code said...

I suspect there are more posts here than Legislative Journal has regular viewers.

Pete M said...

He sounds like a diddling bastard to me.

Kristen Palmeri said...

Excuse me Mr Blog writer...
I just received an e-mail with an invite to your blog, and here you are insulting my friends.

I know Tom Christy enough to know that he is passionate, opinionated, and stands up for what he believes in. I respect Mr. Christy and know him to be an honorable man.

Tom may talk politics, but he is not partisan.
Tom has encourage individuals from the left and the right, to get involved, whether he agrees with their politics or not!

Tom VOLUNTEERS his time every Thursday for legislative journal. He does not get paid a cent. He agrees to put himself out there...name, face, and reputation on the line for every show.

I think many would agree it is easier to rant about politics under the security of an anonymous blog.

He volunteers in the community. He calls BINGO for his church, I have lost count of how many boards he sits on, Oh yeah....ALL FOR FREE!

Oh..and his F.A.I.R. government?
Maybe you should check it out:


I know Tom Christy would not be bothered by this bad "press" about him....

However, I am insulted. I am not only poud that Tom was a Leadership Niagara Classmate....
I am proud to call Tom my friend.

Kristen Palmeri
Leadership Niagara
Class of 2006

R. Petersen said...

So Kristen, you condone your "friend" calling people who "volunteer" their time by calling into the "nonpartisan" legislative journal BASTARDS? Wow, that says something about you. What the hell are they teaching at this "Leadership Niagara", how to be obstinate?

And those of us who follow the blog know that it is not "anonymous" as you allege.

This clown may "volunteer" all he wants. It's easy to find time to volunteer when you don't have a damn JOB!

virtual reality said...

Dear Kristen, If you call some Erie County punk who likes to call Niagara County residents "bastards", you'd better get yourself a new class of friends.

Anonymous said...

Christy is a joke, plain & simple. He has a following of 5 nut jobs, Dan Dragonette, Terry, Felix Kuchabala, Lenny & Chris Kudela. Five idiots who couldn't find snow in Alaska.

sick & tired said...

kristen dares to speak her truth and she's attacked viciously for it.

How welcoming.

Virtual Unreality said...

Everyone knows that Christy is on this site. The fact that he has to have someone come in and defend him, without having the courage to do so himself, shows exactly what a coward he is.

Secondly, the sheer number of responses that Christy-related posts should be cause for concern for LCTV. He is not Howard Stern. This is not "shock-jock" radio that is designed to create controversy to enhance viewer ratings.

It's LCTV, an organization that was created to allow people in the Lockport community the opportunity to participate in local cable.

More specifically, it's the Government Channel. How can LCTV allow one person who is such a lightning rod for controversy to continue?

johnny walker said...

S&T, you still never answered my question-do you condone Christy calling two separate callers "bastard"?

By the way, not sure where you're seeing that any of those posts "viciously attacked" Kristen. Could you specifically identify where she was personally attacked?

sick & tired said...


Read the posts.

First r. petersen for the personal attacks against KP and my first response to you for my view on TC's vernacular.

Condone is not the word I would use. More like
"ambivalent." Like I said, I hear worse everyday on other channels and out in public, so perhaps I'm just not as delicate in my sensibilities as others.

can't fool 'em all said...

R Peterson says, "And those of us who follow the blog know that it is not "anonymous" as you allege."

Are we to believe that "David Klein" has all this inside information on the legislature ... and LCTV ... and Maziarz office ... and Reynolds office. And his biggest goals in life are to bash Elliot Spitzer and have Tom Christy removed from office.

And this blog's not anonymous. Can't Fool 'Em All is my REAL name. Look it up in the phone book.

Johnny Walker said...

Yeah, well, this isn't "other channels" its Lockport Community TV, and the fact that this conversation is even taking place is a disgrace to that organization.

Larry Castellani said...

I can’t help but get involved in this pseudo-hysteria. And, no, I don’t think anyone on this blog is really upset about Tom saying “bastard.” And of course if they really are then they need to remove the plug from their rectal opening and deal with a severe case of anal retentiveness. …. What this is really all about is how politics is going to be spoken about and who is going to do the speaking, to call a spade a spade. This “witchunt” is really about keeping people de-politicized. The strategy is to pretend that government can be discussed/assessed/understood without critical analysis and new ideas. The legal excuse is that this is a government channel and not a political channel. The moral excuse is that there is a proper language defended by all the ‘good citizens.’ This is political correctness played out to its anemic and ludicrous end. It relies psychologically, on the one hand, upon lingering Christanist guilt and fear and philosophical ignorance on the other hand. Talking about the egregious sin of saying ‘bastard’ on local TV is kind of like presidential candidates talking about ‘prayer’ in the schools or who waves the flag more often. In short, its letting us eat political crumbs while community, county and country go to hell. ….. So as so often here, the issue is really behind the issue. …. Analytically, one can separate the word “government” from “politics” and the “government channel” from a “political channel on TV, but where we live and breath politics and government, we all know when not being disingenuous, that politics and government are permanent bed-fellows. …. The attempt to (unconsciously?) de-politicize politics is a function of the language of an obsolete party partisanism. We live in potentially pre-revolutionary times, and some of you choose to speak the language and deal with issues culled from the Puritanism of the Salem witch trials. If you can’t get past the intellectual dumbing-down and moral numbing-down herein, then take one of my philosophy classes at NCCC or join the political club open to the community. You’ll have the opportunity to do some real thinking.

pirate's code said...

After wading through Larry's psychobabble once or twice, I was left with "(t)his 'witchunt' is really about keeping people de-politicized. The strategy is to pretend that government can be discussed/assessed/understood without critical analysis and new ideas."

The campaign, as some see it, to do away with Tom Christy is almost certainly political in nature and intent. So what?

I might have more sympathy, however, if Tom Christy actually offered critical analysis and new ideas, as you say.

I rarely watch Christy/Legislative Forum. Not because Tom says "bastard" or is rude to callers, but because Christy offers little or nothing in the way of reasoned analysis and opinion. Dem, Repub, Indep or Conserv -- it matters not to me. Christy has become a cartoon who gives the appearance of trying to find colorful things to say. In the end, he has nothing else.

That so much time and effort gets expended wringing hands over his show is just silly. Change the channel. Read a book. Or, if you are so inclined, call in to the show and call him out on his rantings.

The "government channel" would seem to be the perfect place to discuss government -- good, bad or indifferent -- in some sort of reasonable, intelligent fashion. Christy's show is neither.

sick & tired said...

Once again, lets get something straight here. Channel 22 is not a "government channel." Its a government/public access channel which is provided by the private cable company to allow the public and those in government who chose to access it a television forum for a wide spectrum of views. It is provided because the Town and City of Lockport made public access a condition of the cable franchise granted locally.

No one's tax dollars go directly to fund the channels. The costs is picked up by Time Warner which allegedly only charges the local Lockport cable subscribers for the service. But I'm not so sure that that is totally true.

If you read LCTV's constitution and by-laws, which I have, you will also notice that the the public's access is to be as wide as possible for the community in which it operates and is to be UNCENSORED to the greatest degree possible.

In other words, TC's words are protected and encouraged. The only limitations are to protect LCTV's tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code.

So basically TC's content and opinion bounds are equivalent to those imposed on the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth 527 organization. And we know how non-partisan and factual those folks were. In case you've forgotten, you can refresh your memory here:


All you complainers have as equal an opportunity to star in or produce your own shows, as long as it tangentially benefits the public in the service area.

And finally, keep squawking about the one person in WNY who cares enough about our community, Niagara County, to dedicate himself to to encouraging discourse and debate on public issues, notwithstanding that some folks may not agree with what he thinks, what he says or how he says it. At least he's out there trying.

And as you continue to squawk, consider this further. There is a concerted effort by the cable companies to do away with the type of local franchising that currently exists. These mega-media conglomerates do not relish having to re-negotiate a package every five years. And there constantly lobbying Congress to get the changes they want.

Plus, in New York State, there is an incipient movement to bring cable to all the rural reaches of the State. One mechanism envisioned to fund this expansion is a statewide preemption of the local franchises fees and other goodies, like local access.

So as Joni Mitchel wrote in Big Yellow Taxi, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till its gone."

Splendor in the Grass said...

Larry - Could you be more specific on your comment of "some of you choose to speak the language and deal with issues culled from the Puritanism of the Salem witch trials". I'm just curious....and any connections here to Joe McCarthy?

Larry Castellani said...

Dear Splendor

My reference to the “language” of the Salem Witch Trials has to do with the practice of vilifying a person, on the one hand, and yet, on the other, the equally dangerous practice of sanctifying. Both practices are based on a latent hysteria that characterizes our culture. So if we can whip up a hysteria about Christy saying ‘bastard,’ which really offends no one these days except the most guilt-ridden and fearful among us and also those who wish to exploit this kind of hysteria, for whatever reason to get rid of him, can get rid of him by mustering support and impulsive, thoughtless action. So once TC gets tagged with “The Evil One” he becomes an “empty space” in which all the “witchhunters” can project their most distasteful ‘evil’ and rid themselves of it by ridding themselves of him. It’s a kind of scapegoating dependent upon latent hysterical tendencies in our culture. It happens all the time.

The other side of that coin is “sanctifying” someone who allays our fears/guilt and suppresses our deep seated anxiety that we will either “lose control” or “not understand what’s going on”, in short, “go crazy.” Hysteria is about fear of loss of control. The sanctified one becomes the ‘savior’ of sorts. Jesus, of course, is the most classic case. But don’t forget that for some in history Jesus was also the Evil One. That’s why they crucified him. So the Evil and the Holy are two sides of the same “psycho-logical” coin.

A version of this “logic of hysteria” is the language of republicans/democrats. Each is the other’s nemesis. But just as ‘witch’ was useless in explaining and healing what was going on with the young girls in Salem, so the categories of ‘republican/democrat’ is useless today in helping describing what interests are at stake in our political world and how we can properly associate in order to do something about satisfying those interests. But also the categories of liberal/conservative, right wing/left wing, blue state/red state, for us/against us (a Bushism), etc. are also similar variations operating on the same hysterical dynamic. The point is there is no real difference between the two sides of the coin.

So, in short, we speak a language of alienation and condemnation that seeks to purge us of the ‘evildoer’ such that the “Good” can emerge victorious and “we” can all identify with it. Another variation of this occurred last night in New Hampshire when all the democratic candidates were trying to prove that they were the real agents of “Change.” It was farcical. Hillary almost had an hysterical anxiety attack right on the stage imploring, almost begging, that people see her as the Change-Savior. The irony of it was that if we check out the political advisors of all these candidates they are people scraped up from the old, established guard of the corporate/military establishment. How much “change” will happen here? Don’t hold your breath.

If you’re still with me, I hope this helped.

Does this have anything to do with McCarthyism? Yes,most definitely, and it also has to do with neo-fascism, but that's another story. I'll do an essay about it on my blogspot. I suspect I've overstayed my welcome here.

Anonymous said...

I wasnt going to post till i read Kristen P.'s blog. Sorry, but i have to disagree with you. I have been watching Christy's show for years, and have to admitt that i used to enjoy his show, but now i cant even stand to hear his voice cause it makes me sick to my stomach. Fair and balanced?? What a joke. He needs to have a talk show in Erie county since he is a resident there. Not in Niagara, but he talks like he knows everything that goes on here. He knows all about the property taxes, but yet doesnt even have a county tax bill of his own. Sorry but his talk show turned into a joke and needs to taken off the air.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a second Anon, You use to watch the show and even enjoyed it. Now he sickens you, but you think he should still have a talk show in Erie County. Talk about double standards. I agree Christy has become a bit more opinionated, but he is by far the most even keeled person I’ve ever seen as a talk show host. I find it even more interesting that I never really heard a whole lot of negative comments until he started bring issues to light and right or wrong we should be discussing Niagara County issues. What should be sickening you is the direction this county has gone in the last 6 years.

Anonymous said...

Bringing issues to light?? Thats a laugh. If you havnt noticed he is completely one sided and he is dead wrong in almost everything he talks about. And most of the negative things that about him are said about him is the fact that his attitude changed for the worse. Sorry but you cant sit there and be calling people names including callers. He brought this all down on himself nobody else did. He is obviously friends with Lefler, but thats not worth getting into

Northender said...

Oh no! Someone said a word that offended me!

Anonymous said...

Then tune out, northender.

Northender said...

Good job Anon, that was my point.

Anonymous said...

Why is it ok for Burmister to jerk off on tv at the meetings, his clerk sobjec licks his balls and i thing the long haired idiot puts his finger up his ass.