January 30, 2008

Spitzer Ally Critical of Budget

One of Governor Eliot Spitzer's closest legislative allies yesterday criticized the governor's $124.3 billion budget as too much. "I think we're spending much too much and we have to look at ways to sort of attrition our expenses," Senate Democratic Minority Leader Malcolm Smith told reporters after addressing a statewide group of county officials.

Smith said Spitzer's budget, which increases overall spending by 5.1 percent, "is more than generous," particularly in light of a $4.4 billion deficit.

"I and my conference are still looking at other ways in which we can bring that number down a little bit," Smith said.

He said the state can find about a half a billion dollars in unused funds from the state's public authorities and another $600 million through attrition of non-essential jobs.

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, addressing the county leaders after Smith, said Spitzer's budget "taxes too much, spends too much" and doesn't have its priorities straight.


Craig L said...

Kudos to Malcolm Smith for having the courage to call out Spitzer on this bloated budget. I'm thinking the $1 billion for the Upstate economic revitalization will be the first thing to go, especially in light of Bloomberg's demand that NYC get at least $500 million more in the budget. And what Mikey wants, Mikey gets.

dark knight said...

Isn't it funny that the Senate Dems are the voice of fiscal conservatism.

Johnny Walker said...

Obviously Smith is not alone....

County executives blasted Gov. Eliot Spitzer's proposed budget on Tuesday, saying it would actually force higher local property taxes by shifting $80 million of state costs to counties.

The county officials at the New York State Association of Counties annual meeting, however, said Spitzer's budget will transfer the full cost of jailing juvenile delinquents and some social service spending.

Republican Rensselaer County Executive Kathleen Jimino said that if Spitzer's $124 billion budget is enacted without change, her county's taxpayers would face an 8.5 percent property tax increase.

Fat Tony said...

So, let's see:

1) Spitzer is pushing costs onto the counties, just like Pataki and Cuomo.

2) Spitzer promised to collect taxes on Native American lands and that backed off, just like Pataki and Cuomo.

3) Spitzer says he won't raise taxes, but is raising a bunch of fees and closing loopholes. Pataki cut taxes but raised fee; Cuomo was at least honest about his huge tax increases.

4) Spitzer is balancing the budget on the backs of future generations with a ton of borrowing, just like Pataki and Cuomo. Actually, Cuomo sold out our gandchildren, Pataki sold out our great granchildren, so Spitzer is three generations or so down the line.

Hmmm, what was that about Day One?