January 18, 2008

Niagara County Marketing Efforts

Earlier today Niagara Times emailed the Niagara County Department of Economic Development and asked them if they would provide us a one-page synopsis of their marketing efforts and successes. Much thanks to the NCDED for their quick turnaround. This is what received:

Business Growth and Retention Efforts:
• 58 companies in Niagara County contacted in 2007; 42 site visits
Business Growth and Retention Successes:
• Led to 5 approved projects

Canadian Marketing Efforts:
• Marketing consultant hired to assist with aggressive marketing campaign
• 2,000 Canadian companies contacted and 60 companies visited
Canadian Marketing Successes:
• 19 acres in V.I.P. sold to Canadian companies

Vantage International Pointe Efforts:
• Continued marketing available development sites
Vantage International Pointe Successes:
• Land sales reduced special district taxes paid from $1,000/day to $90/day
• Asking price per acre within the park has increased to $15,000/acre
• 67% of the park is either developed, sold, or pending

2007 Outreach Program Efforts:
• Free business workshops and educational seminars held
• Business Ambassador Newsletter mailed to over 700 businesses every quarter
• Economic Summit for Success held to discuss key economic initiatives
• Assisted in making recommendations to NYPA regarding hydropower allocations
2007 Outreach Program Successes:
• 11 power applications approved by NYPA in 2007 to 8 existing and 3 new companies
• Power allocations helped retain 835 existing jobs and create 210 new jobs
• Power allocations translated into $45.2 million in new capital investments

Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Projects Efforts:
• 26 projects were approved in 2007
Niagara County Industrial Development Agency Projects Successes:
• IDA projects in 2007 created 511 new jobs, retained over 1,660 existing jobs, representing over $172.2 million in new capital investments in diverse industry clusters

Niagara County Department of Economic Development Projects Efforts:
• Participated in Explore Buffalo Niagara event
• Supported Niagara County assets in development of the Niagara River Greenway Plan
• Business Retention Team continued its efforts in 2007
• Worked with partners to support development at Niagara Falls International Airport
• Continued restoration efforts for the Cayuga Creek watershed
• Continued to develop and market Brownfields Program
• Finalized Solid Waste Management Plan to NYSDEC
• Continued pursuit of cross-border ferry between Niagara-on-the-Lake and Youngstown
• Worked with partners to pursue funding for the Olcott Harbor Breakwater
• Implemented GIS updates through work with Niagara County’s GIS Steering Committee
• Developed a planning process for the Niagara Communities Comprehensive Plan
Niagara County Department of Economic Development Projects Successes:
• Explore Buffalo Niagara event attracted 30 CEOs from 8 foreign countries to the region
• Niagara River Greenway Plan project review is underway
• Business Retention Team worked to ensure retention of Delphi and Niagara Falls Airbase
• $800,000 secured for Cayuga Creek watershed
• Completed site assessments and secured hundreds of thousands of dollars for Brownfields Program
• Submitted Final Solid Waste Management Plan to Dept. of Environmental Conservation
• Niagara Communities Comprehensive Plan is underway
• New NFIA terminal construction to begin in 2008
• As a result of the final Solid Waste Management Plan, NYSDEC released funding to municipalities
• $2 million authorized for Olcott Harbor breakwater project with $200,000 likely secured in 2008


• New marketing campaign targeting fresh water-starved states
• Canadian Marketing campaign capitalizing on continued strength of Canadian dollar
• Continued relationships with economic development partners to market the region
• Continued outreach and support to businesses and municipalities for economic development projects

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