January 24, 2008

Message to Trollers

We've always been pretty open to any posts, letting people say what they want on a topic and it's not uncommon for a thread to head in a different direction from the original topic. That makes for good dialogue.

I've noticed a few recent posts apparently coming from both sides of the aisle that show up in a few threads. I'm not going to police speech, but if someone keeps posting the same rhetoric in every post we do here at NiagaraTimes to try to drive their own personal agenda, I will step in.

It's not something I want to do, so check yourselves and let's keep the conversation going. We are reaching record numbers of hits each week so clearly people are interested in our community dialogue.


Anonymous said...

Your a pecker head Hobbs!

Anonymous said...

I don't like signing up with a user name to talk on blogs, but clearly Anon's response is why this site may go back to that rule. Forget Republicans and Democrats this County goes down the tubes because of A** H**** like you anon!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


It's "you're" a pecker head.

Shows that you're a third grade drop-out loser.

Anonymous said...

People who use terms like "pecker head" sound like trash. People who use that language make themselves sound weak. If they had real weight, they wouldn't need to turn to "shock" language.

Anonymous said...

hobbs is slomas ball washer