January 3, 2008

Breaking News-O'Connor Takes Full Pay, Despite "Resignation"

In a stunning development in the Sean O'Connor saga, Niagara Times has learned from confidential sources that O'Connor has not only received, but cashed the final check paid to Niagara County Legislators. The final check O'Connor received covered the entire last two weeks of the 2007 calender year, 10 days of which he was not in office.

O'Connor had "resigned" from his seat on the Legislature on December 21st. Three days later, he took his oath of office for the 2008-09 term. The maneuver allowed O'Connor to circumvent a prior Legislature resolution that would have required him to contribute 50% of the premiums towards his lifetime health insurance coverage.

What now becomes the burning question is this: Since O'Connor collected his entire salary, despite submitting a piece of paper that says he "resigned", is the resignation in fact valid? And if the resignation is not valid, is O'Connor's attempt to avoid contributing the premium percentage nullified?

This situation, though a black eye for O'Connor, most likely would have passed in due time. But now, with this coming to light, this matter could take a serious turn for the worse for O'Connor.

The county attorney will need to issue an opinion on this matter. If in fact wrong doing is found to have occurred on the part of O'Connor, i.e. receiving county funds that he was not entitled to, our new District Attorney may have one heck of a case on his plate to start the new year.

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Larry S said...

Wow. That is a stunning revelation. If this is in fact true, O'Connor has got some serious explaining to do. I can't imagine that he would be that stupid to assume he could get away with something that can be labeled as no less than theft from the county, and thus the taxpayers.

virtual unreality said...

So let me get this straight. He resigned on the 21st, kept the media and the public in the dark about his intentions in regards to taking his oath for the next term, all the while knowing that he fully intended to take the seat since he took his oath 3 days after resigning. So, he mislead his own party, since Virtuoso and Kimble are on record as to not knowing his intentions AFTER he had signed the oath. He also mislead the media, and most disgraceful, he mislead the people of the 5th District, the people he's supposed to represent.

In the process, he found a way to bilk the taxpayers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, which while unethical, is legal.

Now the icing on the cake. He resigns early and takes the full pay check. I can't even begin to describe what a piece of sh*t this guy is.

Karl Marx said...

What about Mike Carney? Did anyone find out for sure if he got fire from NCCC?

GOP Shill said...

I smell a board of inquiry coming. There are too many cute machinations going on by O'Connor so he can get his free lifetime healthcare and his 30 years in the system.

The funny part is his greed could lead to a conviction if he took money he wasn't supposed to and hence a fofeit of the very pension for which he has sacrified his reputation.

God damn, Sean, are you so figgin greedy you're willing to flush everything you've done down the toilet?

As for Mr. Marx, good attempt at deflection. Mike Carney is still employed at NCCC.

Sweaterman said...

What a bunch of crap. Maybe he needs that money to pay for his injury...aarrrr....trip to Florida.

fed up in da falls said...

So, let me keep this straight in one long, run-on sentence.

Sean was sneaky enough to "resign" from office so he could guarantee himself taxpayer funded lifetime healthcare, but wasn't smart enough to know he shouldn't take pay for a job that he just quit and he was clever not to tell people whether not he would take the oath of office but dumb enough to take and sign the oath days before saying he wasn't sure if he'd take it which makes him a liar and dumb for not realizing that all of that would come to light and then he says he's serving because the people voted him to represent them but then he fails to show up for the first meeting of the year in which he is supposed to be representing those very people which opens up a whole new round of criticism.

Gee, why are voters so cynical?

vintage said...

I think the Legislature should stand a stand and move to censure O'Connor. He blatantly manipulated the system for his personal gain in an unprecendented fashion. Through a censure, the individual legislators could go on record as disavowing O'Connor's action.

sick & tired said...

In the where there's smoke there's fire category..

I also heard from a usually reliable source that MC will be voluntarily leaving his NCCC position because of "performance issues" and that any other reason will not be acknowledged.

If true, then hobbs can once again take credit for his blog "breaking news" although it can hardly be said that one leaving a job is breaking news.

Of course, the conspiracy wackos among us may well believe that his leaving has something other to do than his wanting to take the PIO job. But how one would go about establishing that his departure was for anything other than as stated is beyond me.

But it will be interesting, won't it, if in fact these rumors of MC's departure from NCCC and gaining the PIO position turn out to be true?

If those spreading the rumors turn out to be right in these facts, does this necessarily mean that there might be something to the more sordid allegations?

sick & tired said...

Why did the County treasurer pay O'Connor if he resigned? Broderick is responsible for payroll.

If its true that O'Connor got paid for 2 weeks he wasn't a sitting legislator, why is it that the County is paying people for work not yet performed?

It seems to me that every other person who draws a paycheck has to wait at least a week to get paid for the week they just worked.

Are legislators different than the rest of us there too?

Could it be that mistakes were made????

Might Broderick have mistakenly paid O'Connor and O'Connor mistakenly cashed the check in the belief that paycheck are usually for work performed in the previous week?

Roll out the Board of Inquiry NOW!!!!

healthy & rested said...

S&T: Aren't you the one "spreading the rumors" on MC? "Conspiracy wacko" was a good choice of words.

pirate's code said...

Assuming any of the O'Connor stuff is true, both sides here make valid points.

-- He should not accept pay for the period he "resigned."
-- He should not have been paid for the period he "resigned."

Simple solution to at least this part of it? Give. It. Back. He didn't earn it, so he shouldn't keep it.

sick & tired said...


Yes, I am repeating a rumor hat i heard from a source outside this blog. I believe I stated that.

And do you have something against conspiracy wakos???

No me. I think they play a valuable role in the discourse and sometimes they're on to something.

Remember, even paranoids can have real enemies.

can't fool 'em all said...

But it's more fun to tar and feather him ... funny that it takes 11 comments for that incredibly obvious idea to come out. Seven people want a board of inquiry. One says, "just pay it back." Wonder if there's a witch hunt here.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't people from the Concerned Taxpayers Association up in arms about this? Where is Margie, Joann, Don, and Edwina now? Why aren't they speaking out about Sean O'Connor pulling a fast one on the taxpayers of Niagara County? They seem pretty quiet on this and that is quite puzzling. This is an issue that I thought they would be front and center on.

lopsided said...

That's a very valid question, Anon. Unfortunately, Satan himself could be sitting on the Minority side of the aisle and these dimwits would still come to his defense. They don't give a hoot about good government, they care about getting their (eesh) faces on LCTV and sucking down their Fribbles at Friendlys after the Leg meetings.

cg466 said...

The Niagara County Legislature.A fine short bus crew.Danny Sklarski driver. Ed Ross Bus Monitor.

concerned taxpayer said...

If i recall Margie Swann actually defended Oconnor saying he deserves his taxpayer funded lifetime ins. even though 4 years ago she tried getting all the legislators running for office to turn down the health ins. Hmmm. Taxpayer watchdog. What a joke. She just likes to listen to herself on t.v.. And for you Oconnor. Shame on you.