January 11, 2008


During his State of the State address Wednesday, Gov. Eliot Spitzer overlooked one of New York's biggest industries: Agriculture.

In his 7,604-word speech, Spitzer mentioned "agribusiness" once. He never said the word "agriculture."

"That's the number one industry in New York state. It strikes me as a little strange he didn't mention anything about it. Maybe it just wasn't in his mindset when he was preparing his speech." said Assemblyman Will Barclay, R-Pulaski. Assemblyman Bill MaGee, D-Nelson, echoed the same sentiment.

Not only is agriculture the number one industry in New York State, it's the number one industry in Niagara County. It makes you wonder how Spitzer can travel the state visiting areas such as our with any credibility whatsoever. How can he look to spark the Upstate economy when he doesn't recognize what makes the economy tick?

In his defense, Spitzer seemed to make up for the omission by stopping by the state Agricultural Society's annual meeting in Salina.

In a short speech, Spitzer highlighted policies implemented during his first year in office that helped farmers. And state support will be even more noticeable for farmers in 2008, he said.

Let's hope so. While we continuously look to new projects to spark economic development, we cannot allow the agricultural aspects of our economy to go overlooked.

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Pete M said...

Come on, everyone knows that Spitzer himself didn't write that speech. Some 20 year-old with no idea what's happening West of the Hudson River put it together.

Anonymous said...

It's irrelevant who "wrote" the speech, the F'ing steamroller delivered the speech, that means he and he alone is responsible for its content.

Personally I'm not a big ag guy, but there's no doubt that its critical to our area.

Sweaterman said...

Agriculture is a business that needs ths Governor's attention. It is ignored because farmers do not make enough money to dump into his war chest. Also the State Assembly is controlled by NYC. I bet half of them have never been on a farm.

They need to be educated!

clemenza said...

People put too much weight on the state of the state...good and bad.

The rubber hits the road with the budget address in a couple of weeks. Then we'll see where the governor's priorities are.

Karl Marx said...

Sweaterman- To quote Ronald Reagan," There you go again!" Being a shameless partisan for the GOP. The talk today should be about Mike Carney's "resignation." Clearly, it was getting to hot for him with the media looking into his removal. That is why he "resigned" with no job in sight. That is besides the PIO position that they created.

can't fool 'em all said...

Here's a link to the text of George Pataki's 2006 State of the State speech.


No mention of agriculture.

I'm betting you were okay with that, though.

Sweaterman said...

Marx - Unfortunately you don't get it. So it is being partisan by saying that those in the NYS Assembly do not care about agriculture? Check the district maps. Most of the Majority's seats are from NYC.

Agriculture is a business that involves Republicans, Conservatives, Independence and others.

I could care less whether or not Spitzer mentions it in his state of the state.

He needs to start creating a better environment for farmers to do business in New York.

1. Promotion of "Buy Local"
2. Make it buyer beware if produce is from China or another foreign country.
3. Tution Assistance for students who want to get into Agriculture.

Just some random thoughts.

Oh....and when you attack someone for being a shill maybe you shouldn't follow it up with a persoanl, partisan attack on someone. Besdies, I like it when Hobbes talks about general issues instead of personal attacks!

Sweaterman said...

Pataki did not do enough for agriculture either.

Larry S said...

Can'tFoolEm, your response, although a valid point, is THE typical Dem response: The Reps did it, so it's okay for the Dems to do it.

We all expected great things out of Spitzer. Actually, we didn't expect great things, we expected change.

What you just did with that post is reinforce the FACT that Spitzer is nothing more than the same ol' same ol'.

You're right, Pataki didn't mention Ag. Your posts insinuates that it's okay that Spitzer did (or didn't) do what Pataki did.

I certainly hope you don't plan on spending the next three years defending Spitzer with "Pataki did it". If you do, we're all screwed.

nicky said...

You guys are crying like a bunch of old women because the GOP doesn't control the gov's office.

can't fool 'em all said...


No, my point is that there is no attempt at balance or fairness from the moderator of this blog ... or the majority of its posters. It is simply an outlet to bash Democrats.

I actually agree that more focus should be spent on agriculture, agribusiness, and agrinomics.

But that's the difference between us Democrats and you Republicans. Our primary goal is to do what's right. Your primary goal is to do no harm to Republicans.

Larry Castellani said...

A farmer in northern NC this summer told me that she doesn’t know of many laws/policies that really support the small farmer in New York. Her feeling was that the State—whether Dem or Repub controlled-- doesn’t really want the small farmer to succeed.

Is “agri-business” a euphemism for big business? And isn’t it the case that small business never gets the attention that big business gets? I didn’t know that agriculture was the largest business in NYS. If so, it wouldn’t surprise me that if that business were one big factory farm, it would get a lot of attention. God forbid if small farms and businesses were actually nurtured and secured, we may see a reemergence of an authentic populism and a radical, locally constituted democracy, that is, a real democracy.

Larry S said...

The Dems primary goal is to do what's right? Oh yeah, I loved that plan to give licenses to illegals immigrants-that was SO right!!! LMAO!

Hobbes said...

A comment was removed for alleging "corruption" by an elected official, by name. That's not going to happen. If you have proof of corruption, take it to the D.A. or A.G.

Anonymous said...

A little selective enforcement again. Funny only done with GOP bigwigs.