December 28, 2007

What To Watch In '08

As we leave 2007 and head into 2008, we thought we'd take a look at some of the local political races in our area.

Our state and federal representatives will be the focus of the 2008 elections, with State Senators George Maziarz and Antoine Thompson as well as Assemblymen Mike Cole, Robin Schimminger, Steve Hawley and Jim Hayes, as well as Assemblywoman Francine Del Monte all most likely seeking re-election. Congressman Tom Reynolds has also been busy on the campaign trail and raising funds for another term. Louise Slaughter also appears poised to seek two more years.

A burning question in local political circles surrounds Assemblyman Mike Cole. Cole, who was embroiled in an intern scandal last year, may face opposition from within his own party in '08. Certain GOP operatives believe that when Niagara County stood down in '06 to support Cole, Cole blew the opportunity.

Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker would be the likely choice to challenge Cole for the Assembly seat. Interestingly, sources have confirmed with Niagara Times that Assemblywoman Crystal People's camp has reached out to Lockport Third Ward Alderwoman Flora McKenzie to explore an Assembly bid against Cole. This will certainly be one to watch in 2008.

In 2008 we will be voting for a new President. Switching New York's Primary Election date to February 5th certainly puts New York in play in '08.

Although there we be few local elections in 2008, it certainly doesn't appear to be shaping up as a dull political year.


Johnny Walker said...

I've heard that McKenzie has made some pretty strong political connections in minority circles. She would definitely make for an interesting candidate against whoever is the GOP candidate.

Go Rudy!

William Wallace said...

Should be an interesting situation for NYS-ers and all Republicans.

sick & tired said...

more to watch;

Niagara Power Coalition: State and Federal Grand Juries return indictments against over a dozen local officials in a massive "pay to play" scheme centering around plum contracts and political payoffs of various sorts Among those NOT indicted is a person most presumed would be at the center of the probe on account of a grant of immunity for his cooperation in the probe.

AES lawsuit - Appeals court denies the appeal stating the the People of Niagara County deserve what they get for failing to pay attention.

Former Mayor Anello - Dodges indictment after paying back the loan to Smokin' Joe following Anello's winning a multi-million dollar no bid contract to "consult" with Mayor Dyster in governmental matters. Each deny the rumor that the deal is part of the recent merger of Anello's wine making shop with Dyster's beer shop.

PIO - Henry Wojtasek scores a major coup by recruiting long-time 2nd District Legislator Renae Kimble to fill the post. Upon vacating her seat the Majority Caucus promptly appoints recent Dem convert and political gadfly Ken Hamilton in her place. Hamiltion misses the first couple meeting on account of the broken nose he suffered when Seantor Maziarz stopped too quickly to shake hands at a ribbon cutting for Niagara's latest Subway shop.

Lockport's Canal Concerts - Mayor tucker places the blame squarely on Mayor Soos' shoulders when attendance at the Lockport concerts fail to meet attendance expectations and resulting in deposed Council Woman Phyllis Green to declare that she will challenge Tucker in the next Republican primary. Tucker will say that Soos should not have let the concerts get away from NT because of NT's superior location immediately adjacent to Erie County an that Soos should have warned him that the expense and logistics of the concerts are more trouble than their worth.

School Districts - Alarmed by Niagara County's reputation as a high tax area, the Superintendents of all the county's suburban school districts convene in a "Niagara County Superintendent's' Symposium to Study the Concept of Consolidation and Merger of Niagara County Central School Districts" but the meeting is cut short someone reads the program and discovers what they're there to talk about. Of course, lunch was served.

Land of Oz - Supervisor Demler calls a press conference to announce that he will be calling a press conference "in the near future" to announce that a major announcement will be made "in the near future."

Anonymous said...

I doubt tucker will run for assembly for fear that the dirt in his personal life will get out.

Anonymous said...

What dirt on Mike? C'mon.... typical gossip queens from Lockport

Buzzy said...

Haven't you heard Tucker was being threatend with a sexual harashment lawsuit.

nicky said...

William Wallace,

What is so interesting for Republicans? The fact that Cole, spent the evening with a FEMALE intern? After all it seem like all the GOP family values types like to cuddle with boys and young men.

Terry Shaw is a jerk said...

What is the dirt on Mike Tucker? Did it involve his job as mayor?

pirate's code said...

S&T said -- Land of Oz - Supervisor Demler calls a press conference to announce that he will be calling a press conference "in the near future" to announce that a major announcement will be made "in the near future."

Well, you got that one pretty much correct. Today's Tona News had a story about Demler's end of year "press conference" in which he announced that Oz officials told him last month that they would be filing their EIS sometime this month.

Niagara County continues to hold its collective breath.