December 4, 2007

Troopergate Reignited

An Albany County grand jury Wednesday will examine evidence in the reignited Troopergate probe, with the inquiry centered on whether a former aide to Gov. Spitzer misled investigators.

The Daily News reported Monday that Albany County District Attorney David Soares has sent a subpoena to Spitzer's office for diarylike notes kept by Darren Dopp, the former aide who fed state police records to an Albany newspaper in an apparent attempt to discredit state Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

A source familiar with the papers said Dopp, while serving as Spitzer's chief mouthpiece from Jan. 1 through late July, regularly jotted down notes alongside his typed memos.

The chairman of the Senate Investigations Committee, George Winner, said the new effort by Soares to pry loose administration documents should help shed light on how the scandal erupted.

In his initial look at the scandal, Soares issued no subpoenas and opted not to put witnesses under oath, prompting Republicans to accuse him of waging a whitewash.

Asked about the new subpoena, Bruno said, "All I know is this governor said he would go under oath, twice, publicly, and never has, and is spending a million dollars to keep from replying to [Senate] subpoenas that have been issued."

Spitzer aides had no immediate comment on the upcoming grand jury activity.

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Anonymous said...

The GOP led Senate is pushing the issues to draw away from the fact that Bruno is still under investigation from the FBI. Bruno, Spitzer, Sheldon, they are all dirty. They are the problem with state politics!