December 28, 2007

Sweeney Files Complaint

Although the race for Somerset Supervisor is over, things continue to remain interesting in this section of Niagara County. Niagara Times has learned that former Somerset Supervisor John Sweeney has filed a formal complaint with the U.S. Postal Service against an employee of the Barker post office.

From what we have learned, Sweeney is alleging that the long time employee of the post office intentionally withheld Sweeney's political mail days before the election in an attempt to inhibit the mail's timely delivery at election time. Sweeney apparently believes that this action by the postal employee cost him the election.

Sweeney, as you may recall, lost his bid for Somerset Supervisor to incumbent Rich Meyers in a very tightly contested race. The outcome came down to a count of absentee ballots which ultimately gave Meyers a 10 vote victory over Sweeney.

This will certainly be interesting to follow. We'll keep you posted as more details emerge.


Becky said...

I do not want hear from you political hacks that this was a Fast Eddie Shoemaker job. I have a certified "alibi" for eddie shreddie

Also, I am betting the comptroller didn't find a crumb or fingerprint at somerset town hall :)

Clemenza said...

Poor John Sweeney. Has the two major party lines and still can't win. Newsflash to John: It was the postmaster who cost you the election; it was selling your soul to fast Eddie.

I haven't heard anyone act so bitter since Margo Sue Bitner. Must be something in the water up there.

dreamy said...

for those of you who have received the postcards of sweet Margo Sue on the furry rug by the fireplace promoting her "winery", please try not to injure yourself.

Uncle Fester said...

What a promotion for your winery. I thought the idea was to get people to come to your business not laugh and then throw up!

Karl Marx said...

Clemenza and the rest. Sweeney thinks there is a problem and wants to address it. Why is that bad? All you guys do is try to tear him, Margo and Shoemaker down behind an alias. If you had any guts you would sign your names to letters to the editor or call in to WLVL to state your point of view. You are all cowards. Especially you clemenza.