December 15, 2007

Show Him The Money!!!

This is freshman New York State Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) giving an animated dissertation on why he needs a pay raise.

Adams told his colleagues that he didn’t understand how some of them are getting by on the base salary of $79,500 a year, saying on that wage “you qualify for public assistance.”


Larry S said...

"You should be embarrassed for your children because you can't afford to give them a decent living?" Did he really say that???

Wow, this guy is seriously out of touch with the people of this state.

Sweaterman said...

He should be ashamed of himself....I could only guess but I bet a high percentage of constituents are on public assistance.

There is a definitely a better way to get your point across.

New York State is in Deep Shit if the Senate ever turns to a democratic majority.

This clown a chairman of a committee...please.

Anonymous said...

Once again the Democratic Party will get a bad name for one idiot!!!

Fed Up said...

This is the type of leadership we get if the Dems take over the Senate. God help us all.

Sweaterman said...

I need to make another point. If this was a Republican, the national media would be kicking this guys ass on a nightly basis and every single media oulet would be promoting this story, ad nauseam.