December 5, 2007

The Rumor Mill

I'm continuing to hear that Legislator Renae Kimble has an interest in getting her own person, Laura Allen, installed as the next Democrat Board of Elections Commissioner and is going so far as to reach out to Democrats who are part of the Majority Caucus for help in doing so. This would mean that Ms. Kimble would be staging a palace coup and throwing out Nancy Smith who is close with County Dem Boss Dan Rivera.

Here's my "Board of Elections for Dummies" understanding of how this works. Picking a BOE Commissioner starts with the respect parties and their committee members. Assuming that Rivera controls his committee, they would submit the name of current commish Nancy Smith to the Democrats on the Legislature. Normally this would be it...but it doesn't have to be.

Essentially, the Dem Legislators could reject the Committee's recommendation and eventually make their own. This is where Ms. Kimble's ability to line up Dem legislators in the Majority Caucus would be huge.

Let's handicap this. Assume that Dennis Virtuoso, Sean O'Connor and Kyle Andrews stay with Rivera. That's three votes.

Renae goes her way. That's one. Jason Caferalla, the new member of the Minority Caucus, has no love for Dan Rivera, who backed his primary opponent. So that could take Ms. Kimble to 2.

In the Majority caucus, you have Jason Murgia, Danny Sklarski and Andrea McNulty who are all registered Dems. If they lineup with Renae, which is entirely possible because they really don't have a dog in the fight, she wins, Allen is in and Smith is out.

This would be a huge powerplay on Kimble's part and probably re-establish her as one of the top three most powerful elected Democrats in all of Niagara County (with DelMonte and Dyster.) Will she go for it and if so, can she pull it off? It will be interesting to watch.


Little Italy said...

Renae catches a lot of crap on this board, but I actually think she's one of only a few legislators who has any political guts and is willing to take a risk. Most legislators want to collect their check and stay under the radar.

I also think she brings some much needed diversity to the legislature. And she actually has a history of working across the aisle.

I wouldn't be surprised if she flexes some muscle here and installs her own person.

Virtual Unreality said...

Kimble has long wanted someone from Niagara Falls to represent the Dems at the BOE. This scenario could definitely play out.

I'd think it will come down to who the Reps dislake more, Rivera or Kimble.

The agitator said...

I've heard people talk over the years about Kimble being a Dem that the GOP looked to cut deals with. This ended a few years ago when the GOP used Kimble's tenure on the IDA...which put the agency on the brink of win back the majority.

But if time heals all wounds, maybe Kimble and Majority Caucus members working together to get rid of their mutual nemesis...Nancy Smith...isn't so far fetched.

Anonymous said...

The majority "Dems" having any say in this appointment is not right. They don`t use the democratic commissioner for there elections anyway. The GOP takes care of all of their needs when it comes to being elected. Including covering how they spend money though their control of the minor parties and their PACs. While this to, is wrong, it seems that the Democratic party is also starting to attempt these ways to elect their candidates. Only they haven`t yet mastered it .
While Lora Allen is well quailified to handle this job, it should be left up to the committee to make this appointment. Besides don`t be surprised if the Democratic Committee is busy trying to keep the group incharge now together. You would think that their membership would be up in arms after the results of this years county wide elections

Cataract said...

Call me naive, I had no idea the board of elections was politicized to the point that you can actually have battles over the commissioners. I don't think I've ever heard of Ms. Smith or Ms. Allen.

It is interesting how Legislator Kimble could prove to be such a political power broker. Call me naive again, but I had no idea she had this kind of influence.

What does Anon mean about the Dems in the Majority caucus "not using" the Dem commissioner for their elections? Doesn't that imply a county employee and hence taxpayer dollars are being used to help candidates and isn't that illegal?

Johnny Walker said...

Cat, both the Reps and the Dems have their own commissioner. Traditionally, they each choose their own commish. Only Reps can vote for the Rep commish and only Dems can vote for the Dem commish.

However, due to the makeup of the Leg, where you have several Dems acting as "adherents" to the Reps, those Dems still have the right to vote on the Dem commish.

Therefore, if Kimble wanted to pull such a move, she could reach across the aisle to the Dem adherents and ask them to support her candidate, theoretically Lora Allen.

Definitely unorthodox, but a serious power play on Kimble's part, if she chooses to do so. And perfectly within her right.

Anonymous said...

I think that only a handful of Dems were happy with the County Chairman and the way he led the party during the election.

I heard Renae and Dan had words a couple of times. This could be the start of the fall of the County Dems.

What do they say, "divide and conquer"!

cataract said...

So does that mean Bill Ross, as a registered conservative, has no vote on elections commissioners? I

Fat Tony said...

Renae has always had a reputation for being savvy and opportunistic. The grapevine has been beating for a while that the base of the Dems, which is the western end of the county, is not happy with Rivera and who can blame them? They won their races on their own and outside of their significant successes, the Dems got destroyed on election day. The GOP is non-existent in the Falls.

And yet the Dem county chairman controls the patronage and the purse in spite of his W-L record.

Again, who can blame NF Dems for being agitated?

fed up and tired said...

Nothing can happen until next year's committee elections.

Anonymous said...

In accordance with this week's East Aurora Advertiser ( story where the current board (made up of Current Councilman and Supervisor-Elect Krieger, Out-going Supervisor Yarnall, Out-going Councilman and current Erie County College president Reuter and newly re-elected Councilman Harris and current councilman and registered conservative Suttle) have been caught numerious times lately meeting illegally in town hall (in severe violation of the NYS Open Meetings Law) to name a replacement for councilman Krieger. Word lately around the campus from good sources has it that a deal has been cut by Yarnall (who is leaving elected office to join former Erie County Sheriff Gallivan in a new business venture) and Krieger to re-appoint the ECC President Bill Reuter back to the Board on Jan 2. Reuter decided not to run for his seat this past fall because of his new high paying position with the community college and potential campaign attacks, however now has had a change of heart that the dust had settled.

cg466 said...

Kimbell what a chump.

Sweaterman said...

I believe that Renea will try and do this....its time for someone to take over the Democratic Party. Dan Rivera got his ass kicked in the general election and I am sure they are looking for new direction and new ideas. It should start here.

To the victor go the spoils.....

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the republicans are up to their games again trying to cause a split in the democrats. Why don't they just take care of their own problems - including their own commissioner