December 7, 2007

Newfane Burglary

The incident in Newfane on Thursday in which three young men allegedly burglarized a home and brandished a gun while fleeing the scene is quite disconcerting. Although Newfane has had its share of issues with rambunctious youth over the years, this is an incident that one would not expect to happen in this sleepy community.

The three men, none of whom are from Newfane, are all facing multiple burglary and weapons charges after being arrested late Thursday morning.

Kudos have to go out to law enforcement officials from Niagara County, the New York State Troopers and the Border Patrol, who lent their helicopter during the search, for their fantastic response to the incident. Without their quick call to action, this confrontation may have come to a much more unpleasant ending.

Although these young men are 19, 18 & 18 years of age, these are not boys being mischievous. They entered the home of a stranger, robbed the home, and flashed a gun while leaving the scene. Let's hope the courts don't treat this as a "kids being kids" incident and sentences them accordingly.


Sweaterman said...

I could not agree with you more Sail Away. These kids need to be made an example of. I am just hopeful that the public sees this as an isolated incident and that Newfane is a great place to live and visit. I would also like to praise the Law Enforcement response. They were quick and very professional. Good job!

Anonymous said...

They showed total disregard and respect for the society. Letting these deliquents off easy would be a gross misjudgement. They need to be taught a serious lesson so that justice is served to the folks whose lives were turned upside down.