December 14, 2007

Massage Parlor Redux: Let's Be Fair

I have to admit I laughed a little when it was reported in GNN that the Niagara County Democrat Committee took a $1,000 donation from those accused of using massage parlors as a front for a prostitution ring. Actually, I thought Rivera's explanation was right on point: you can't vet everyone who sends a campaign committee money and if you find out that it's tainted you send it back.

Now, Rivera said the Dems don't have the cash to send back and we can debate the merits of that, but to somehow imply that the politicos did something wrong here is absurd. I thought the story was done.

But now there is today's Buffalo News. The article discusses a letter written by Assemblyman Schimminger to help the massage parlor expand in the Falls, it talks about real estate brokers, talks again about Rivera...and I ask, what is the story? Where is the news?

A massage parlor ring was a front. The culprits have been arrested and will be brought to justice. To try to start implying that people like Schimminger and Rivera should have known illegal activity was going on or should have been more diligent is patently absurd.

Unless you can show they somehow knew they were helping a shady operation...and there's zero proof of that...then this is simply some "gotcha journalism" that hurt the reputations of people who really had no role.


Fed Up said...

If Rivera were smart, he'd come up with a grand and doneate to some charity much like Hillary did with some tainted contributions.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the posting. This is getting to a point were some honest poeple will get dragged through the mud for no good reason.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I can understand the Rivera component regarding campaign don't always know who contributors are. But shouldn't Schimminger be doing a little more homework on those he's giving letters of recommendation for? When a legislator puts something on his/her letterhead in supporter and sends it, they are vouching for that person.

Schimminger is at least guilty of bad judgment.

sick & tired said...

You'd think that these Dems would be jumping up and down and taking more credit for this episode.

After all, the Dems are FOR illegal immigration, aren't they?

The only thing missing from this story is something about Spitzer signing the ladies up for driver's licenses and handing out voter registration cards!!!

Anonymous said...

Now thats funny!!!