December 12, 2007

Massage Parlor Busts

I can't help getting a little bit of a chuckle about the meganews that the shutting down of four massage parlors has become. One has to imagine that there are some people who are going to do everything within their power to squash the release of the businesses clientele lists.

Considering that the list allegedly includes a judge, a sheriff's deputy and police captain, one has to wonder if the list will ever become public. The judge apparently would use the Wheatfield location as his location of choice for his "massage".

The regular guys ought to be sweating it out too. Should the list become public and your name appears on it, try explaining that to your wife.

Of course, that may be no consolation to Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello and Niagara Falls City Development Corp. Executive Director Ralph Aversa, both of whom attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Lotus Spa on 3rd Street in the Falls. Fortunately for them, the $10,000 grant that the business applied for from the city was not approved. I'd love to see that on a brochure touting the businesses that the city has helped cultivate.

The charges levied against the business owners are federal charges and would certainly carry jail time if they are convicted. The outcome for the patrons would seem to be more of a gray area. Whatever the results, we can only hope that this case ends with a happy ending for everyone involved.


Turk 182 said...

Happy Ending? Way to sneak that in, SA.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I think the city should have approved the grant. After all, city taxpayers regularly get screwed by developers. At least with this they could get a happy ending.

Pete M said...

Why would someone risk going to a place in the U.S. when the same "services" can be provided less than a half hour away without FBI surveillance?

These places ALWAYS get busted and are constantly being watched.

Go north, young man, go north.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that on the news coverage of the Wheatfield "spa" there were Sheriff's stickers plastered all over the window? I also heard that the same place has a picture of Beilein on the wall!!!

Sweaterman said...

I am sure there will be a full, all-out assault to squash the list but if you do the crime you should do the time and have your name in the police reports and be publically scrutinized...idiots.

sick & tired said...

list?? I haven't read about any lists? I thought these businesses took only cash and didn't keep records?

Please supply some substantiation or attribution on these rumors.

And is a "Happy Ending" the same thing as "diddle-iing?"

Hey SA, my 8 year old niece was looking over my shoulder when you wrote that on your once wholesome blog.

How am I too explain that???

Larry S said...

Sick & Tired, your 8 year-old knows what a happy ending is? What in God's name is your family teaching your kids? Maybe she's thinking of the Happy Ending sundae at Friendlys.

A happy ending is not the same as diddling. Go check out slang words on google.

By the way, the "list" was kept through FBI surveillance. That is how it was compiled. Maybe if you read the story in the paper before you post, you'll be up to speed like the rest of us.

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