December 8, 2007

LCTV and Tom Christy

I cannot even begin to understand how misguided Tom Cristy is. While flipping through the channels this morning, I paused on Legislative Journal while Christy was talking to a caller. The conversation turned to school taxes.

Christy went on a diatribe about Niagara County being the highest taxed county in the country. He stated that when Legislators used to come on, they would focus on the fact that school taxes are by far the biggest portion of the tax burden. Christy then stated that the Legislators must bring a resolution demanding that the school districts do something to address their portion of the tax issue. If the Leg does not bring such a resolution, well, then they "eat it" as he said. In essence, if the Leg doesn't bring a resolution directing the school districts to take responsibility for taxes, then the entire problem is the fault of the County Legislature.

From what I understand, Christy worked for the Democratic Majority of the New York State Assembly for 12 years. He went through the Leadership Niagara program. He is going for his M.B.A. By all accounts, one would think he has a reasonable understanding of how government works. So why would he state that the Niagara County Legislature must DEMAND that school districts take responsibility for their portion of the tax bill? Anyone who follows politics knows that a county legislative body has absolutely no jurisdiction over any school district.

Unfortunately, that didn't stop Christy from giving his opinion as to why he believes that the Leg won't pass such a resolution. Christy stated that the Leg is afraid to pass such a resolution because teachers are in a union. Yes, the Leg, in which the Reps have a 14-5 majority, have weathered the Mt. View storm, and every other union challenge over the past four years, is afraid. Not only that, he stated that teachers give money to candidates, and the Republicans don't dare mess with the massive amount of money that teachers dump into Leg races. Huh?

Can someone be so amazingly dead wrong when it comes to understanding politics? Teachers don't dump money into races in support of Republican candidates. Secondly, teachers don't get involved in Leg races. That's an important point to note and I'll tell you why. Because it absolutely reinforces the point that the Leg has no control over school districts. If they did, if they could give the school districts orders and mandates, you would definitely find the teacher's unions involved in county politics. The fact that they stay out of county politics reinforces the point that the Leg can't touch them.

That doesn't stop Christy. He tells the Leg if you don't tell the schools what to do, you wear it. So which is he, stupid or ignorant?

And, once again, where are the LCTV Board of Directors? Where is Roberta Harper? Where are Jackie Davis and Donna Landers and John Benoit? You are supposed to be the leaders of LOCKPORT Community Television Board of Directors. It's not Erie County TV, it's not Niagara County TV. It's Lockport TV.

I know a few of the people on the LCTV Board. I never thought of this board as a bunch of resume padders, but unfortunately it appears that none of them are willing to address the cancer that has infected their station and my airwaves.


Anonymous said...

Tom Christy could tell you the sky was blue and you would still disagree with him and demand he be removed from the airwaves. It doesn`t matter if he is right or wrong. Some of us that read your blog everyday are growing tired of this witch hunt.

Anonymous said...

Then find another blog.........

Johnny Walker said...

Tom Christy can say anything he wants. Just do it on 20, not 22. 22 is the Government Channel.

The agitator said...

There is no legitimate reason why Tom Christy is on the government channel. He does not inform. He offers commentary and opinion and as such, should be moved off the official government channel. LCTV's failure to address this is going to get it in legal trouble.

We know some of them read this blog. We the public demand they answer how someone with a personal agenda is allowed to dominate our airwaves.

SA, keep up the heat. Maybe we should initiate the lawsuit.

eyeonlockport said...

Someone please explain how Fast Eddie Shredie Shoemaker's co-counsel is representing the Eastern Niagara Power Colaition??? This is the same individual under investigation by the State Controller's office. Did Roberson hire hime for the Colaition? Isn't he under investigation as well??
Something smells here.

highway robbery said...

Shoemaker, Staley rip off Lockport one more time...maybe Tom should have asked why Fortistar pays $0 in property tax???

Power plant owners plan to pay city
By Thomas J. Prohaska - NEWS NIAGARA BUREAU
Updated: 12/10/07 7:00 AM

LOCKPORT — The owners of a North Tonawanda power plant plan to make a payment soon to the City of Lockport, which filed a breach of contract lawsuit against the company Nov. 27.

The expected resolution will bring an end to an episode that caused a rift between the cities of Lockport and North Tonawanda.

Lockport sued Fortistar, owners of the power plant off Erie Avenue in North Tonawanda, because the company stopped paying the city a $1,000-a-month stipend required in a contract they signed in 2004.

Lockport draws its drinking water from the Niagara River at North Tonawanda and saw a chance to score financially in 2004, when Fortistar and the City of North Tonawanda were haggling over water prices.

“Our line goes right in front of their building,” Lockport Mayor Michael W. Tucker said.

On March 3, 2004, three months after Fortistar first approached the city, the Lockport Common Council approved a 70-year contract to sell Fortistar water from its line for 75 cents per 1,000 gallons.

At the time, Lockport officials estimated the deal would bring in $100,000 to $120,000 a year. North Tonawanda officials, who then were charging Fortistar $2.20 per 1,000 gallons, estimated they would lose $250,000 to $300,000 a year in revenue if they lost Fortistar as a water customer.

Tucker recalled last week that then-North Tonawanda Mayor David J. Burgio called him and asked him to veto the Council’s resolution. Tucker refused, and the contract was signed the day after the Council passed it.

This episode “caused hard feelings between the two cities for several years,” the lawsuit notes.

However, North Tonawanda was able to block Fortistar from tapping into Lockport’s line, because the tap-in had to cross a strip of North Tonawanda land.

“It was going to be extremely difficult with the City of North Tonawanda from the standpoint of getting a construction permit,” said Lewis Staley, Fortistar’s top local executive.

Staley said Fortistar then worked out a new deal with North Tonawanda for lower prices and never bought a drop of water from Lockport.

Fortistar paid Lockport $1,000 a month for seven months and then stopped paying. The lawsuit seeks to collect three years’ worth of owed billings plus interest.

Besides a payment to Lockport, the settlement will include a cancellation of the contract, Staley said.

Sweaterman said...

Back to Christy......I agree...go on channel 20....he does have nice hair....

Anonymous said...

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