December 11, 2007

How Low Can Eliot Go?

Speaking of Gov. Spitzer, we wonder: Just how low can his approval ratings go? Lower than in the new Siena College Research Institute poll? Only 36 percent of New York voters have a favorable opinion of Spitzer, according to the survey; 51 percent have an unfavorable view.

His job-performance rating is even worse: just 27 percent positive, and a stunning 70 percent negative. (Ouch!)

With each passing month, the numbers continue to plummet: The percentage of voters who view Spitzer favorably is down five points from last month, 18 points from the month before and a total of 31 points since May.

You'd think Spitzer would get the message - but there's no sign of that so far.

Voters began souring on the governor soon after Post State Editor Fredric U. Dicker broke news in July of Team Spitzer's Dirty Tricks campaign to smear Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Spitzer could've stopped the bleeding right there - by showing that he wasn't personally involved in the scandal. That would've meant cooperating with authorities probing the affair and, most likely, testifying about it publicly.

Instead, he stonewalled at every turn. His aides fought nearly every request for papers and sworn statements. Spitzer himself has used one excuse after another for not telling his side of the story publicly and under oath.

Just last Friday, he blamed Public Integrity Commission rules for his refusal to disclose any testimony he may give that body. Yet experts say that no law bars his release of a transcript.

Apparently, Spitzer doesn't care that 70 percent of New Yorkers insist that he come clean. (Leaving folks to wonder just what exactly it is that he's hiding.)

Nor are his ratings rebounding despite his decision to scrap his driver's-licenses-for-illegal-aliens idea. That plan cost him big-time in the polls; now that it's history, you'd think the ratings would bounce back - but no such luck.

That they fell yet again suggests that voters are growing ever-angrier with Spitzer's failure to tell the truth about Dirty Tricks. They'll keep falling, too, until that whole sordid affair is unveiled.

Meantime, he'll have no reservoir of public support or good will to draw on as he pushes his political agenda. He faces months, if not years, of paralysis.

Spitzer may be tempted to pander to this group or that to garner support. Never mind the damage that could do New York; it won't even work for him.

Actually, the driver's-license fiasco appears to have been born of just such a temptation; again, it backfired miserably. As will, we suspect, his apparent catering to soft-on-crime liberals by loosening parole restrictions on violent felons. (See above.)

No, there's only one hope for the gov: Tell the truth. Publicly. Under oath.

And Spitzer knows it.

The longer he waits, the worse it'll get.

NY Post


Anonymous said...

Even the the Democrats in the county legislature aren't stupid enough to support Spitzer's plans.

And speaking of Spitzer's plans, other than spying and licenses to illegals, what are they? Do they include Medicaid REFORM! Governor, we spend more than any other State in the Country. We were promised reform at day 1.

Pete M said...

Day one. It all starts anew day one. Little did we know that starting anew meant sinking this state further into chaos and embarrassment.

Good thing an election isn't being held this year, Eliot, you'd be crushed.

Dems better get control of this guy before he single handedly breaths new life into the Republicans.

Frank DeGeorge said...

The vast majority of people still want Spitzer to succeed, but the fact is I'm not sure he's capable of turning this around.

It's not like his poll numbers are tanking because he's making tough decisions that are unpopular now but will be vindicated later. This is personal scandal and ineptitude...and you don't recover easily from that.

Big Daddy said...


You're right on the money. He's not a profile in courage, ignoring public sentiment to do something noble like integrate schools or fight a just war. He is a rich brat who always thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.

Turk 182 said...

I'm concerned about those who are taking a little too much glee in the governor's problems. His fall is a sad story because it means that the change we desperately need will not come and the leader we all hoped he would be isn't going to happen.

pirate's code said...

Turk has it exactly right. Like him or hate him, Spitzer appeared to be the best immediate hope to break the cycle of dysfunction that is Albany. His promises of reform in the face of a disapproving legislature are, at least in part, what caused many to vote for him who otherwise might never vote for a Dem.

Unfortunately, it looks like his steely resolve was simply a mask for arrogance and a tin ear for public opinion. I take no glee in that, only resignaton that the next three years could be ugly.

pirate's code said...

Brain to fingers: that's r-e-s-i-g-n-a-t-i-o-n

Hobbes said...

For the record, the blog administrator is not taking glee in Mr. Spitzer's failures.

The point of periodically putting a post up about The Governor is to simply give a differing take on the blatantly one-sided coverage that we receive with GNN.

I had very high hopes for Spitzer, as did 75% of this state did just one year ago. Unfortunately, we have been let down by his performance to date.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that can (and I believe probably will) save Spitzer is that it's such a long time to re-election. He almost has no way to go but up and as much as the media loves a story about a fall from grace, they also love the story of a comeback kid.