December 18, 2007


A few readers have inquired about the name change under which posts are listed, which is Hobbes. Thomas Hobbes was a political philosopher, and someone I've studied and admired for years. He is the founding father of modern political philosophy. Directly or indirectly, he has set the terms of debate about the fundamentals of political life right into our own times.


pirate's code said...

Geez, and here I was thinking it was the stuffed animal that came to life in a child's imagination from the Calvin and Hobbes cartoon strip.

A good role model either way.

Larry Castellani said...

Hobbes?!? Wow!!! A great place to start but possibly not to end up, I would hope. But then again Hobbes would be a Libertarians wet dream. …. Cf. John Christman’s Social and Political Philosophy, pp. 28-41 for a memorable critique of Hobbes. ... And, personally, I do prefer Calvin and Hobbes.

Anonymous said...

So you advocate an absolute monarchy
It is, after all, a war of all against all