November 29, 2007

Vanity Fair Story

This link is to a story in Vanity Fair entitled "The Year of Governing Dangerously". It details Eliot Spitzer's first 10 months in office. It is fascinating reading, regardless of political ties. Simply copy & paste the following into your browser:¤tPage=all


Vintage said...

There's another long Spitzer-nalysis in today's New Yorker. Seems like all the rags have a lengthy critique as Year One comes to a close!

Anonymous said...

I've now read both the Vanity Fair piece and the New Yorker piece, and I must say that they've actually softened my dislike for the governor. While he has clearly proven that he is not a natural political operative, and a bully, it seems that his actions are guided by his principles. At many times misguided principles, but his principles nontheless.

Don't we always claim to want governmental leaders who will stand up for whats right, rather than what is politically expedient? And isn't he taking on some of the most entrenched political forces not only in the State, but probably in the nation?

My prediction is that he will be reelected, and stands the best chance of anyone who has occupied the office of actually making substantive change to Albany.

It may not be pretty, but the guy does have guts, and over four years, that will ultimately make him successful.

Larry S said...

If he really stood up for what he believes is right, he wouldn't have backed down off the driver's license for illegals plan.

He absolutely caved to political pressure, including a significant amount of pressure from his own party.