November 26, 2007

Spitzer CNN's Turkey of the Year

CNN’s Bill Schneider named Gov. Eliot Spitzer “turkey number one” - ahead even of Sen. Larry Craig of toe-tapping fame who promised to step down and then didn’t - for his driver’s license plan that tripped up Hillary Clinton during a presidential debate.

Politicos make Schneider’s turkey list by, as he puts it, “doing something foolish.”

The top five this year: Spitzer, Craig, FEMA (for its fake news conference during the California wildfires), former US AG Alberto Gonzonles(for his “amazing memory lapse” about the eight US attorney firings during Congressional hearings), and John Edwards (for spending $400 on a haircut).

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That can't make the steamroller and his Ivy League pals too happy. They don't have a very good sense of humor these days.

And to win the award over Senator Craig's airport bathroom antics?!?!?!? That takes effort.