November 5, 2007

Somerset (con't)

Received via email from Somerset Supervisor Rich Meyers:

I have been somewhat of a topic in a few of the postings on your blog. I have a couple topics of my own that may be interesting to some folks. They have to do with FOIL requests and the legality of an elected Town Supervisor and Chief Financial Officer being denied access to records concerning legal bills.

Becky Connolly, Somerset's Town Clerk, blacked out 80% of legal documents that were FOIL'd prior to my winning the Supervisor's seat, refused to release them to me for review after I took office, and proposed the eventual change to the Town Law that stated that all rejected FOIL request would be appealed to the Town Supervisor. They are now appealed to the Town Board.

Mrs. Connolly recently sent a letter to the fine folks of Somerset accusing me of lying about her and of trying to get her to break the law by issuing this request. Her accusations are humorous at best and slanderous at worst.

What was the basis for all of these decisions? According to Clerk Connolly, Robert Freeman, Director of the Committee on Open Government and personal friend of hers, is the authority behind all of these decisions. Ironically, Mr. Freeman wrote an opinion (FOIL-AO-14270, September 30, 2003) that contradicts redacting most of a legal billing for anyone, let alone a Town Supervisor.

I am not going to accuse anyone of hiding anything, but it is odd that such drastic efforts are being undertaken to protect a bill for services rendered. I ask you why?

Thank you for your time and I truly appreciate such a high quality BlogSpot.

Richard J. Meyers

Supervisor, Town of Somerset


Merrill Bender said...

Richard you fail to mention that you asked at a conference the same question to Robert Freeman directly. As usual you don't like the answer and you stormed out of the meeting.

He corrected you in front of 400 people that your assertions were wrong.

Previous attorney work is attorney client privledge and you were not part of the Town board at the time and are not under the "law" entitled to access other than the billing amounts which is what was provided to you.
Stop misleading the public and just follow the law.

Since being Supervisor you have seen all the itemized bills , you have voted to apporve each of them and you have signed the checks to pay them.

Becky said...

We love you bender! You have been such a good little soldier, you will be invited to come to Florida and stay at Shoemaker's condo with me. I am sure you wil find it inviting as the rest of the Board has. We know that you are broke and you have stiffed the small mom and pops throughout WNY. If you cannot resell the plasma TVs or the house your daddy gave to you, slick eddie shoemaker will provide another stipend - just ask. you had to put your triple mortgaged house on the lake under your wife's name because you stiffed the banks as well. The Town board feels symapthy as they subsidize the lakefront home which you fail to pay taxes on. after you get your ass handed to you on Tuesday, you can go mop the floors at the school that kicked your ass to the curb 4 years ago.
if they still do not want you, I have some yard work for you to do. All my love, beckster

Clark Griswold said...

Yawn....Doesn't that sound familiar from Bender...

Merrill Bender said...

I love the way people respond to factual information. Ignore it totally and slander someone again.

I bring to you the facts and the law and you choose to sign in not in your own name and slander me.

At least clark signs in using his name which I thought was the new rule for this board. Not!

Clark also ignores facts and info which I continue to present

Eddie said...

bender just present checks in the amount of $250,000+ to the mom and pops that you ripped. you are the real lawbreaker - you are a thief and burgler.

blame it on your mentor..margo sue's purchased alcohol has fogged your judgementMargo Sue - she ripped off the state by talking over $100,000 in grants to buy her another heist by your bag of thugs in somerset. after the election, check to see if margo will share the state grant money with you. you would be a great spokeperson proting people to drink and drive on the wine trail throughout the county

Davis said...

Merrill - You seeem like a smart man, yet you say things that make no sense!! Wouldn't the taxpayers be the "client" seeing the town board is spending recklessly with their tax dollars??? Yet you people hide the truth from them. Well, there is one and only reason I am thrilled the PILOT was upheld. Now you criminals will have to watch every dime you spend because with the PILOT in place, YOU WILL have to be held accountable for your reckless spending. And for the record, I'm out looking for someone to run against Becky as we speak. She needs to go NOW!

Panthers75 said...

Go Rich Go. I know it's a near impossible uphill climb today, but I pray that somehow you pull this race off so the thieves will be held accountable.

Somervisor said...


Just like when you made the uninformed comment at one of our Board meetings “I would like to see Supervisor Meyers address the AES issue in his monthly Supervisors report?”, your assumptions are all wrong. (The Supervisors report is a financial document and has nothing to do with commentary)

You might want to learn how the governmental process works before you make comments that make you appear ignorant. Since Becky was the only person at that meeting from our town, I would assume you are getting your "facts" from her. I would advise you to consider your source. Try looking at the referenced official advisory opinion handed down from Mr. Freeman before you use Mrs. Connolly as the basis for your attacks. That is what any responsible adult would do.

I hope at some point you stop flying by the seat of your pants and get the facts before you issue your commentary. By the way Merrill, you are not running against me, just in case you didn't know....

Richard Meyers
Supervisor, Town of Somerset

BCS said...

hey bender, we kicked you off the school board years ago. I guess you didn't get the message. you were a thief back then