November 12, 2007

Shoddy, Shoddy Journalism

In the course of catching up on some weekend reading, I came across Joyce Miles' column regarding the formation of the Libertarian Party in Niagara County, something we touched on last week. So I'm perusing through, reading Scott Leffler's reasons for starting it and Bob Confer's comments (side note: are Leffler and Confer attached at the hip these days?)and then I come across this:

By and large, Republican candidates for office this year proclaimed all is well when it’s not, and Democratic candidates simply declared everything stinks without suggesting how to make it better.

OK, I'd expect a comment like that from Leffler or Confer in conveying their rationale for starting the party. But they DID NOT SAY IT. It's actually body copy. So either Joyce is expressing an opinion in the midst of her reporting or the editors at GNN failed to attribute it properly.

It's this type of shoddy journalism that I am growing tired off. To say in the body copy, which should be factual, that Republicans say everything is fine and Democrats say everything stinks is a ridiculous oversimplification and quite frankly not true.

It might be fine rhetoric if attributed to someone being interviewed, but it's poor journalism when the reporter makes that a factual statement in the article. Makes you wonder how many other subtle editorials make it into GNN stories.

Here's the link, judge for yourself:


Larry S said...

I thought the exact same thing when I read the story. And to answer your questions, yes, Leffler and Confer are attached at the hip. You can toss Marren into the mix too. Oh - and Christy. Four peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

When discussing the Union Sun, the word journalism is an oxymoron, with moron being the operative word.

Save the third grade commentary for the editorials I don't read.

Mr. Pink said...

I just read the link and I am really surprised that type of comment was thrown into a pretty run of the mill story. At least provide some context to justify the attack on Republican and Democrat candidates.

Anonymous said...

This is typical of the US&J, but there does seem to be a lot of coverage of this new party. My question is why isn't the local media giving equal time to Wojtacsek and Rivera and other parties leaders as well. Every time Miles, Marren, Christy, Confer and Leffler talk about this party on the air or in print, they should be giving the other parties equal time. I will be watching to ensure that such fairness is provided to their viewership.

Turk 182 said...

Is it possible to have Christy/Confer/Leffler fatigue?

Virtual Unreality said...

When you have children running a newspaper, that is what you are going to get: Idealistic, Liberal thinking. One can only hope that as they mature and gain a true understanding of how the world works, the opinions they try to force down the throats of their (shrinking) readership will adjust accordingly. Hope being the key word. I won't hold my breath.