November 7, 2007

Reflections the Day After

Well, one of the most contentious and expensive campaign seasons in Niagara County history has come to an end. Below are my reflections and observations. I would love to hear what stood out for many of you...and let's not make this stuff personal. It's post-election now, and the community should come together to move forward at least for a few months.

1) Driver's licenses for illegal immigrants was a major campaign issue.

2) Supporters of the AES PILOT, particularly Henry Sloma, should feel very vindicated today. The voters have the last word on the issue and the message is pretty loud and clear.

3) While I'm a little surprised at the GOP success in County Leg races, I'm completely blown away by their margins of victory. Candidates like Andrea McNulty, Paul Wojtaszek and Pete Smolinski crushed their opposition in N.T. And that's Dan Rivera's backyard. Same thing in Lockport. Harry Apolito was demolished by Tony Nemi and McNall and Updegrove rolled. Jerry Farnham takes 60 percent of the vote when he ran close for so many years? Amazing.

4) Paul Dyster should be reminded that Vince Anello had a huge election night victory once. Seriously, good luck Paul, we hope you break the mold of failed one-term mayors.

5) Big win for Mike Tucker...can he move on to higher office?

6) That Family Court Judge race is very close.

7) Rich Meyers' victory may or may not hold on once the paper is counted, but winning off the I & C lines against an R&D opponent? Could it be the people of Somerset are tired of Ed Shoemaker bilking the town?

8) Lewiston Supervisor Fred Newlin is one savvy politician.

9) Clyde Burmaster's race was too close for someone in a leadership position...could there be a new chairman on the horizon for the County Legislature?

10) Maybe trying to vilify a man who regularly wins his own election with 70 percent of the votes (Senator Maziarz) isn't exactly the best campaign strategy for the Democrats.


Merrill Bender said...

First want to congratulate John Syracuse on his win as Legisaltor in the 18th district. I wish him success in his next 2 year term & thank him for making it a cleaner campaign in the General election.


Merrill Bender

Item #2 on AES issue.

Did the voters here anything from the incumbents on the issue or a response on the $95 million dollar loss? It seems the voters glazed over it as did the incumbents & just plan old incumbency won the day in most races regardless of the issues.

Item # 7 - Meyers sold a LIE quite effectively to the residents of Somerset and many others keep repeating it. Shoemaker's bills are in line with what any other attorney would charge to defend the town ( as researched by US&J editor Eric Duvall who interviewed municipal attorneys that don't even like shoemaker.)

Meyers sold other lies as well. on the Foil request for records and much more but many are convinced he is the man they want.

We will just have to wait for the absentees but it could go either way.

Before the anonymous "Maziarz Boys chime in" neither I or my campaign received a single dollar from Shoemaker or any associated firm or company.

Political strategy wise the former Supervisors letters called Maziarz/Wojtaszek a 'political Virus" and an "Insidious duo" hurting Niagra County.

That seems to have benefited the Town supervisors Lang and Ellis and possibly Sweeney in the end.

Turk 182 said...

Merrill, I disagree in so much as insiders pretty much vote in primarires whereas the general election really encompasses the feelings of the community.

To that end, this election says nothing about Maziarz or Wojtaszek. Instead, it shows people think things are headed in the right direction.

And that's not just a GOP thing. I believe Supervisors Newlin and Reister won because people in those towns are fairly happy with things.

Larry S said...

Merrill, LET IT GO! No one cares about AES. Crow all you want about Ellis and Lang. In reality, that's all you have to be happy about from last night.

To Sail Away, you predicted many of the races, I'd like to see how accurate your predictions were. Will we see a follow-up?

Steven Davis said...

Dem Chairman Dan Rivera's response in the Buffalo News was ridiculous. After getting his ASS handed to him last night, he said, "We forced them to break open the piggy bank to retain what they had".

That's the best thing that came out of last night? By the way, they're not breaking any piggy banks, they're raising more money!! Do you understand the difference? You make it sound like Wojtaszek spent his own damn money!!! He didn't, he simply out hustled you and raised the funds necessary to get the job done. You didn't.

Rivera doesn't deserve to hold that position for one more second. His slate got POUNDED, and that is a direct reflection on him. Resign.

Clark Griswold said...

Couldn't agree more about Rivera's reaction in the news. Sounds to me like the stance of a man resigned to the fact that he is failing his own party. The GOP legislator candidates were overwhelmingly successful because they went out there and worked hard each day at meeting with the constituents and listening to their concerns. That, along with the appropriate funds that a party, not it's Chairman, raises for the candidates campaigns is what wins elections. This general election is simply further proof of that. Congratulations to all of the candidates across Niagara County.

18-Wheeler said...


after you wipe the tread from the Syracuse's truck that ran over your ass, please promise to send monthly payments to Slick Eddie at his FLA condo. Eddie and becky will see the payments are transfered to Lockport Energy.

Anonymous said...

Memo to Dan Rivera:

Stop running campaigns against George Maziarz,they don't work.

The only people that hate George as much as you tend bar at a certain Oliver St establishment

larock said...

bender, maybe the beckster can give you a "consultant" job at the Town. she gave herself another raise this year. I have been getting $500 a day from Barker Schools along with my pension. Pretty good gig since the cell coverage is great on the lake.

Love, s.l.

randy said...

OK - I get it now bender. AES should have passed on the PILOT and pursued the refunds from the massive overtaxation over the past 11 years. Just like Rockland County, this would have bankrupted the school and the town - and bender could have steped in to guide the jurisdictions through a process he is intimately familiar.
Since the fire chief is the assessor, he should get the assessment just about right plus/minus 500-600%. dumb ass

Anonymous said...


before the bank forecloses on your wife's house, please let me know if you want to downsize. I would like a lakefront home in la la land. rivera's got a duplex with some space in nt

Fat Tony said...

Dan Rivera should be embarassed, more than anything else about his performance in N.T. I thought this was supposed to be his base.

And did anyone else notice how much Christy and Confer looked like they were going to puke as they provided "analysis" of election results?

Larry S said...

Fat Tony touched on something I was thinking about. This election was also a referendum on Christy and Leffler. Not so much Confer, because the focus of his hatred is Albany, not the county.

But Christy and Leffler got bitch-slapped last night. For two guys who claim to have the pulse of "the people", they don't have the pulse of anything except their own egos.

They both said AES was a major issue with all of the people in this county, and that the GOP was ignoring this overwhelming sentiment. They were, once again, dead wrong.

The problem for them is they get calls from a dozen people, and they believe that those callers are representative of the masses. Scott, Tom, they are not.If your callers were representative of the masses, the GOP slate would have been crushed last night. They weren't. In fact, the Buffalo News stated it in as much as their story started with "The GOP was given a ringing endorsement."

Kudos for them for their objectivity.

As for you two, I'm sure you'll carry on with your little shows, but the glaring reality is that neither of your opinions matter.

Player Hater said...

Larry S I think you take that sentiment too far. Christy and Confer has opinions worth hearing in the grand scheme of dialogue just like everyone on this site. However, I think there is a major difference between those two and Leffler.

Leffler has his opinions and he certainly tries to be somewhat controversial, but it's also clear he's in on the joke. He gets this stuff.

Christy and Confer have an air of self importance about them that Leffler doesn't it. They seem to think they and their calllers represent the majority and what they have to say is so imporant that it will influence elections. Last night, they found out they were wrong.

Those two should be part of the conversation...but the what they have to say is no more important than anyone out there.

james comfort said...

i was happy with the results of the elctions. merrill i am sorry you did not win, but you can run again next year, or the next. i feel with the results of this election that this county will continue to run in a good direction. Now to everyone: please stop attacking the people running this county and lets see what they can do. If they do good, praise them, if they do bad, dont re-elect them. We are headed in a good direction.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’m Randy in NT. First off congratulations to all the winners, I truly hope you stand up to your beliefs and end the downward spiral in which Niagara County is heading.
1) If the driver's licenses for illegal immigrants was a major campaign issues then something is wrong with the incumbents, they should campaign on their successes not on one proposed issue from an Ass in Albany. No one in Niagara County agrees with Spitzer on this issue and shouldn’t have been a campaign issue.
2) I never saw a referendum on the AES PILOT, I thought there was more than just that one issue, oh yeah and driver's licenses for illegal immigrants. Maybe we should just give PILOT’s to everyone who asks and do away with the IDA.
3) NT had some of the best Democratic candidates both city and county, but look what happened in NT and the county. Could Dan Rivera be a worse disease than the Marziarz/Wojtaszek team?
4) Paul Dyster needs to stay on track and not let the position go to his head like Vince did.

5) Mike Tucker...can he move on to higher office? Probably not.

7) Maybe people are just sick of the R&D in general, lets bring back the Greens, Liberals, RTL’s.

10) What’s to bad is that a little person can scare so many people; maybe he should put in as much effort in Albany as he did to get the republican caucus re-elected.

Mr. Pink said...

I thought it was really a mandate across the board:

1) Paul Dyster has a mandate.
2) Mike Tucker has a mandate.
3) Chris Collins in EC has a mandate.
4) The Majority Caucus has a mandate.
5) AES as a non-issue is a mandate.
6) No to licenses for illegal immigrants was a clear mandate.

If nothing else, yesterday provided clarity pretty much across the board and that can be a good thing.

Somervisor said...


At some point I will no longer tolerate your continual smear campaign against my good name. I suggest you cease this defamation action against me. Once again, you were not running against me and I will seek the appropriate action if you do not stop your public attacks. I assure you I have enough documentation to convict.

Richard Meyers
Supervisor, Town of Somerset

Larry S said...

Merrill, FYI, the only "herd" heading out to pasture is you and your ENTIRE slate of candidates.