November 8, 2007

Recap of Our Election Prognostications

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting races, and in some cases, predict the outcome. One of the comments yesterday asked how we did, so let's take a look.

In Lewiston, we said "the race is too close to call". Newlin won with 53.5% of the vote.

In Lockport, we predicted that "Tucker crushes Pillot 68% - 32%". We were right about the crushing, but Tucker actually pulled 72%.

In the 7th Legislative District, we said "Farnham wins with 64% of the vote" against Chenez. Farnham won with 60%.

In the 16th District, we predicted that "McNall takes home the trophy, 58% - 42%". McNall tallied 59% of the vote against McDonough.

In the 11th District, we said "Wojtaszek wins 55% - 45%" against Schultz. Wojtasek pulled a whopping 66.5% of the vote.

In the 18th, we stated that "Syracuse cruises to a 69% - 31% victory" over Bender. Syracuse pulled 65.5%.

For Family Court Judge, we said "Judge Batt holds off a spirited challenge from Maria DiPasquale". Batt currently holds 50.67% of the vote, with just under 2,000 absentee votes yet to be counted. Batt has a lead of 529 votes.

In the race for Niagara Falls City Court, we said "Robert Merino cruises to victory over Maria Massaro". Merino won with just under 60% of the vote.

In the race for Mayor of Niagara Falls, we believed that "Candra Thomason has fought a valiant fight for Mayor of Niagara Falls, but a lack of funds and sheer numbers in the city work against her. Dyster pulls 60%". Dyster cruised to victory with 79%.

In the 2nd, 4th & 5th Legislative Districts, we said "Renae Kimble, Sean O'Connor and Dennis Virtuoso all win handily". Kimble won with 76%, O'Connor pulled 58%, and Virtuoso won with 72%.

In the 15th District, we said "The shocker of the Leg races will be Tony Nemi upsetting Harry Apolito. (Nemi)pulls out a 125 margin win over Apolito". Nemi did win, but his margin of victory was over 400, nearly 60% of the vote.

In the 16th & 17th Districts, we said "Updegrove and McNall also win, shifting the balance of power in county politics back to Lockport". Updegrove won with 60% of the vote. McNall won with just under 60%.

In the 10th District, we stated that "Smolinski narrowly wins". He won with just under 59%.

For Somerset Supervisor, we said "The one race still too close to call is Somerset Supervisor. Logic says that Sweeney, with both major lines, should win handily. But Meyers has stepped up his game in recent weeks and may snag the win on the minor lines". As of now, Meyers holds a 15 vote advantage, with about 70 absentees out. Meyers currently holds 50.8% of the vote.


Mr. Pink said...


You are a great and wise Swami. Can you give me picks for my NFL pool this week since you are on such a roll?

I am most impressed with you nailing the Somerset supervisors race and the Family Court contest.

Sail Away said...

I'm going to have to go with New Orleans as the Pick of the Week over St.Louis. The Saints have won four in a row, and Brees is back to Pro Bowl form.

I definitely like the Bills, as well as Green Bay, Seattle, and as the upset of the week, Detroit. Yes, the Lions are one-point dogs to AZ. No respects for the big cats.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Larry S said...

I agree with Pink, you definitely nailed quite a few of the races. I also am most impressed with your call on the Somerset Supervisor race.

The people of Niagara County have shown their support of the current majority, but I hope they do not rest on their laurels. I hope they live up to them.

By the way, I'm going with New Orleans. I hope you're right on that one!