November 9, 2007

The Libertarians Are Coming

Radio talk show host, and old friend of this site, Scott Leffler, made the announcement below. I wonder if this impacts his ability to continue hosting his radio talk show.

From today's Buffalo News:
Libertarian Party forms Niagara County chapter

Updated: 11/09/07 7:11 AM

LOCKPORT — Radio talk show host Scott Leffler has been named temporary chairman of the new Niagara County Libertarian Party, he announced Wednesday.

Leffler, who calls himself a “reformed Democrat,” said the state Libertarian Party authorized formation of the Niagara County chapter Sunday.

The chapter has set up a Web site,,which includes a link to a 10-question quiz that visitors can use to discern their political beliefs. “I believe that many Niagara County residents are Libertarians but don’t know it,” Leffler said.

Leffler, host of “Dialog” on WLVL-AM in Lockport, is planning to call a convention in January or February to elect party officers.


Larrry S said...

Leff was tossed out by the Dems, I'm sure it's just a matter of time he alienates this group as well.

Of course, I'm sure that this will now be the focus of his show, with him shoving Libertarianism down his listeners throats.

Just another reason for me not to listen.

Fat Tony said...

I'm a libertarian at heart so I'm glad to see the formation of the party.

Good luck Scott.