November 1, 2007

County Leg 16th District

This race pits two former Lockport City School District board members against each other. Current Legislator Keith McNall is being challenged by Beverly McDonough. McNall is seeking his first full term in the Leg after being appointed to fill a vacancy last December.

McDonough seems focused on the AES issue as the basis for her platform, while McNall is touting his record as a consensus builder and the improvement of the Lockport School District's in the Business First rankings under his leadership as Board President.

Watching the forums on LCTV, McDonough appears to be a nice woman, but seems to harbor a tremendous amount of anger towards Republicans. In a district in which Republicans outnumber Democrats by about 400, I'm not sure bashing the hell out of Republicans every time she speaks is a wise strategy.

Although this is a sprited race, McNall takes home the trophy, 58% - 42%.

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Anonymous said...

Bev hasn't been taking her medicine