November 17, 2007

Christy's Slang

Watching Legislative Journal at 9:35 this Saturday morning, I heard what is likely the most offensive comment ever uttered from host Tom Christy. It wasn't about Mount View, it didn't have to deal with taxes, and it wasn't a reference to the Business Council.

No, this comment was about masturbation, and it was made by Christy.

While talking to guest Bob Anderson from Niagara Falls, Terry from Wheatfield called in. Terry asked what the Water District does. Before Anderson could answer, Christy chimed in with the following: "I'm sure they do something, I'm sure they don't sit around diddling themselves".

In case you did not know it, "diddling" one's self is a slang term for masturbation.

If the comment isn't offensive enough, my eight year-old daughter was in the room. Fortunately, she was playing a game on the computer and didn't catch it. Not that she would have known what it meant to begin with, but hell, could you imagine trying to explain that one to an eight year-old?

What great TV for a SATURDAY MORNING!!!

This is another shining example of how Christy has gone over the edge. Where is the LCTV Board of Directors? Their names are on the LCTV website, therefore their reputations are on the line as well. Are they going to allow one individual to continue to drag down LCTV? Sadly it appears so.


Anonymous said...

Listen Tom Christy is all about Tom Christy. If someone that he didnt like said that, he would have been all over them most likely calling for their resignation so I'm calling for his. Its an absurd statement on his part. This is supposed to be a community station, isint it Board of Directors??? It is becoming an absolute joke over there. An embarrassment to the communities that fund it.

Virtual Unrealty said...

He has been pulling this garbage for awhile, but it definitely has gotten worse recently.

I'm not sure what the board of directors is afraid of. Cut this guy loose before he jeopardizes the station's funding.

I would hate for Tucker and Smith to cut LCTV's funding, but this can't continue. If it comes down to it, I'd have to say cut the funding if action isn't taken.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Change the channel!

As bad as you say Christy is, why would you have him on in your home? And why would you subject your poor child to is Christy's churlish rants, even if he didn't use language that you find objectionable? And since you found it necessary to explain the offending phrase to your readers here, why would it be such a huge concern if your child doesn't have a clue as to the meaning of this obscure phase?

Anonymous said...


Youre missing the point. Christy is always the one ridiculing others for doing the same exact thing he did. Its not as much as what was said, as people say things sometimes, its that hes always the first one to call people out when they do. So why shouldnt he be accountable?

Niagara Prognosticator said...

No anon, I didn't "miss the point." I just happen to have another point of view. So I think you missed my point.

And SA's post was not about Chisty's inconsistencies. it was about his language and the perception by SA that it is offensive. Well, perhaps it is to him, but I don't find the remark particularly offensive. In fact, its much more innocuous than many other things that are said on the tube, even in public meetings. How many times have we heard public officials use the perviously offensive phases of "hell", "damned," "ass" "wuss" (which is a euphemism for "pussy" which is a euphemism for a female body part), "jerk me around" or any number of other phrases?

Personally, I would prefer that all speakers in whatever public forum hold themselves to a more polite and civil way of speak. But the reality is that today, this is not the norm. free form expression is more in vogue. to single out Christy in this regard is a bit unfair.

Sail Away said...

NiagProg, it's been addressed before, but I will explain my rationale again. LCTV is using MY money to allow this guy three hours a week, plus several reruns, to push his agenda.

If he wants to talk about Government on the Government Channel, that is fine. But he doesn't, he talks "politics". There is a very distinct difference.

When talking "politics", it is inevitable that one will take a side. When talking "government", one can talk about the many facets of government, without offering an opinion.

Three hours a week to push his agenda. There is no way that LCTV can continue to justify allowing Christy to stay on the air pushing his agenda considering how far over the edge he's gone over the past year.

You said, "And since you found it necessary to explain the offending phrase to your readers here, why would it be such a huge concern if your child doesn't have a clue as to the meaning of this obscure phase?"

What I said is, in case you don't know what it means, then gave the definition. For your information, it is not an obscure term, it's a common slang term. Just because you don't know it, it doesn't mean it's obscure.

As far as bringing him into my home, I was literally flipping through the channels at the exact moment I caught the offensive phrase. Now, I'm careful flipping through MTV, VH1, BET, Bravo, Fx and even TNT when the kids are in the room.

Apparently, I now need to censor LCTV as well when the kids are around. THAT is a problem.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

As I have been led to understand the LCTV set-up, the local franchise owner provides the public access as part of its franchise agreement. So it largely paid for by the local cable subscribers as part of their service plan. I would be interested in learning what, if any, budget dollars are actually expended by the local governments to support the programing.

As I said, i understand that this is a benefit derived from astute negotiations by the City and Town when he franchise first came into existence and that no tax dollars are actually expended. Please correct me if I am wrong and please direct my attention to the source of your information.

As far as the rest of it goes, I suppose I understand the idea that you believe that TC is pushing his own agenda. Although i believe that his overall agenda is more open government, I can see where folks whose allies are criticized would see that he is pushing an agenda.

But your post was about an offending phrase. And yes it is obscure. And its meaning is a bit obscure. As much slang is. Yes it could mean maturbation (Hmm.. What if Christy had used that term, would that be better in your view?), but there are other possibilities as well.

For instance, the phrase "he don't know diddly-squat" must be related but I don't think anyone connects it with self-sexual-indulgence.

Also, a quick glance at the on-line dictionaries offers a range of meanings of "diddle"
Definition: [verb] deprive of by deceit; "He swindled me out of my inheritance"; "She defrauded the customers who trusted her"; "the cashier gypped me when he gave me too little change"
Synonyms: victimize, swindle, rook, goldbrick, nobble, bunco, defraud, scam, mulct, gyp, con

[verb] manipulate manually or in one's mind or imagination; "She played nervously with her wedding ring"; "Don't fiddle with the screws"; "He played with the idea of running for the Senate"
Synonyms: toy, fiddle, play

Perhaps the most prominent usage of a synonym of the phrase comes from The Who's Tommy where Uncle Ernie "fiddled about."

So while i don't dispute that perhaps TC was using the more vulgar reference, it would not have necessarily been interrupted as that by someone unfamiliar with the slang term in another context.

I think he might have meant, "They don't sit around deceiving themselves."

Sail Away said...

Yes, LCTV is able to function from fees it receives from city and town of Lockport cable subscribers. Therefore, I am paying for this show to exist. After that, I don't really care about the intracacies of LCTV, and don't need to know. It's my money, I want a say in how it's being used. You can try to pull the "rodeo clown" routine all you want, but it's not working. This is about, for the fourth time, LCTV using my money to allow Christy to push his agenda.

As far as everything else you wrote, well, that's some interesting logic and justification you came up with.

You also said, "I can see where folks whose allies are criticized would see that he is pushing an agenda".

I want to thank you for so concisely reinforcing my point that he, 1) is not talking government, he is talking politics, and 2) he is in fact using LCTV, and my money (by the way, I don't believe I have ever said "tax" dollars)to promote his agenda.

What if I want three hours a week on LCTV's Government Channel, then multiple reruns a week to talk about what I want to talk about? Will LCTV grant me that? I doubt it.

Pete M said...

Niagara Prog, you think that he meant "They don't sit around deceiving themselves"? LMFAO!!!

That's classic!!! Good luck with that explanation!!! ROFLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Niagara Prognosticator said...


SA. Now it's clear, not your tax dollars, but your cable bill dollars. OK. Fair enough.

Puts it in a different light as far as outrage goes. Your cable dollars also go to finance such luminous and noteworthy characters and agendas as John Stewart, Bill O'Rielly, Rev. Ernest Angely , QVC, and a myriad of other cranks, pundits and stars.

Seems to me that you should just unsubscribe. Let the marketplace speak. Vote with your feet and dollars, so to speak.

And i also know, that if you really want your own Channel 20 show, you can probably have one. First you have to attend the production training and then you are entitled to produce your own show if it address concerns of Lockport area residents. . If its decent, I'll bet that they replay it multiple times during the week like they do LJ. That's what the Reps did with 2nd Edition. That's what Mickey Sloma did in his "objective, non-partisan" view of things. You might even be able to convince them to run it in Channel 22 if you can be "non-partisan" which is not the same as being "non-political" BTW.

NEWS FLASH! Government is inherently political. And criticizing the people running it is not necessarily partisan.

As far as Pete M's goes, glad I could make your day!

Y'all should get your minds out of the gutter!

: )

Sail Away said...

You said, "Your cable dollars also go to finance such luminous and noteworthy characters and agendas as John Stewart, Bill O'Rielly, Rev. Ernest Angely , QVC, and a myriad of other cranks, pundits and stars."

I've said it before, and I will say it again: Those are private corporations that pay for the right to appear on cable. LCTV is able to exist because the people of Lockport, such as me, subsidize the station.

If Christy, again as I've said before, wants to go work for WBEN, WECK, Fox News or any other organization, he should do it. But as long as my dollars are being used to support LCTV, one person should not have three hours a week to promote his personal agenda.

I am not sure where the difficulty in understanding this concept is coming from. You can try to make it something it's not, you can try to distort the facts, you can continue your "rodeo clown" act.

It doesn't matter. I'm not distracted.

By the way, your assertion that "You might even be able to convince them to run it in Channel 22 if you can be non-partisan" is amazingly hypocritical.

Lastly, you stated that since I don't like the way my cable is being handles, that I "should just unsubscribe". As ridiculous as the concept of dropping TW cable because of LCTV, that is certainly an option.

Fortunately for you, since you don't like the opinions of this blog administrator and many of the commentators, you also have the right not to "subscribe" to this site.

moonminer said...


What a gas! This guy has given more voices to issues and people than the Harlem Boys Choir, and shed more light on things than a 500 watt halogen.

Far's I can see, whoever follows along with THAT thought about "diddlin", has got some agenda.

Don't like him? Tune out. More than you already are. I loved the online definition by niagara proctoli-caster (;*). Seems he announced, YOU, Take offense? Tune out.

Light some candles, turn on some soft music, warm some scented oil, take a strong med. then, take a long hot bath.

Sounds like a political attack BY an eight year old. Start over.

Johnny Walker said...

Seems like SA has hit a nerve with some of the Christy fans. Let's guess who it may be. Is it Confer? My guess is yes. It could be Leffler. It could be Christy himself. Maybe it's Dan, Felix, Terry or Edwina. Wow, what a following!!!

People who are tuning into this website because they DON'T like the commentary, are telling SA to tune out of Leg Journal. Do you see how ridiculously hypocritical that is?

NiagProg, I've followed the discussion. Every time SA makes a valid point, you try another angle, and every time he shoots you down.

I don't always agree with SA, but his point is valid. The community IS subsidizing LCTV, and thus, the public should have a say in its content.

Once again, where is the LCTV Board during all of this? Are they hiding under the table waiting for the dust to settle? If that's teh case, that's simply disappointing.

moonminer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Johnny Walker said...

I was right, it is Confer. Where is Christy, by the way? I know he's watching. Come on, Tom, you're such a tough guy verbally assaulting people on your terms, why not come defend yourself?


moonminer said...

Red or Black Walker?

I'm not whoever you "know it is."

I simply double posted and then deleted it. I don't see a problem with that?

This attack on him is REALLY enlightening! Holy cow.

Hey, Sail Away, on one thread or post somewhere, you said that it was "your money" that paid for this programming, and, since you're the NF councilman listed in the email and WHOIS, wouldn't that put you in Niagara Falls, NY, and NOT Lockport, NY?

I guess my question to you is how do YOU pay for any of this? DO you mean your Niagara Falls cable bill pays for Lockport, NYs' LCTV?

How's that?

Sail Away said...

Moonminer stated, "Hey, Sail Away, on one thread or post somewhere, you said that it was "your money" that paid for this programming, and, since you're the NF councilman listed in the email and WHOIS, wouldn't that put you in Niagara Falls, NY, and NOT Lockport, NY?"

Where on God's green earth did anyone say I was the NF Councilman? I am in Lockport, I've always said I'm from Lockport.

Please follow along. Thanks for participating. Time for the Bills game. GO BILLS!

moonminer said...

Sail away:

Your profile has an email attached. Your email is NiagaraTimes@hotmail. When you run a search on it through WHOIS, this Web site comes up as being owned by the NF Councilman, Sam F. Huh?

That's not you? You just registered an email account with Hotmail in the same name as this blog?

I'm just saying that seems WAY TOO political for simply being a coincedence.

moonminer said...

Sail away:

Your profile has an email attached. Your email is NiagaraTimes@hotmail. When you run a search on it and this Web site name through WHOIS, this Web site comes up as being owned by the NF Councilman, Sam F. Huh?

That's not you? You just registered an email account with Hotmail in the same name as this blog and YOU accept the comments for it? Huh?

Should you have a comment or a question, or if you have a topic of interest that you would like to address, you may email this blog administrator at

I'm just saying that seems WAY TOO political for simply being a coincedence. That's a shame, if so.

Anonymous said...

This website is, not Stop talking about stuff when you have no idea what you're talking about.

And this seems way too political? This entire website has been devoted to politics!!! My God, go back to the Union Sun & Journal blog-you'll fit right in there.

Kevin T said...

I took a job with a new company about 6 months ago. After I was hired, my boss told me that as part of the hiring process, they Google any prospective employees.

Since Tom Christy is going for his graduate degree, I would assume that he is doing that to further his career.

When his prospective employers Google him, all of this stuff is going to come up. Now, it may help him, it may hurt him. But as someone in management, I wouldn't even consider someone who is such a lightning rod for controversy.

Mr. Christy needs to seriously consider the long term implications of his role on LCTV. It may negatively impact his future.

Larry Castellani said...


If I were SA I wouldn’t complain about someone making an innuendo with respect to masturbation given that there is a lot of mutual masturbation going on in this website. Sounds like a witch hunt to me which of course follows on the heels of much of the moralizing that passes for political discourse on this site. So Christy is slanted. So what? Get off your high horse and call in to his show and criticize him openly. Are you afraid to validate what he is doing? Challenge him on air. Be political for God’s sake. And stop whining. The most obscene suggestion however is that we try to separate the discussion of government from politics. Of course Christy should not be allowed to campaign. But if you think he is doing that, then, once again, call in and straighten him out. We need all the discourse we can get in Niagara County. Why shoot yourself in the foot. Like him or not, for whatever reason, he passionately, if not eccentrically, serves the need for political education. Given that the schools fail totally to do it, we should be grateful for his efforts as I am for him as well as for SA. So back to the real issues, please!

moonminer said...

BRAVO Larry Castellani! Perfect comment!

Annonymous, I've never met you but do you think that the two matching email addresses aren't accurate?

I don't think that a Niagara Falls city councilman should be doing this to anyone's reputation. It's called character assasination.

Here we have one guy trying to do a public service (for free), and then, we have a public servant doing a great disservice to the same community supposedly he/you serves by trying to damage someone who is a Genuine Voice and trying to help.

This REEKS of putrid politics.
In Niagara? Go figure.

clemenza said...


You are right and you are wrong. I've followed a lot of this discussion and here's what I have concluded:

Tom Christy does not belong on the Government Channel because that is supposed to be non-biased, non-political information about how our community operates.

Tom Christy absolutely belongs on Public Access and has every right to have his opinion heard and even to use the word diddle all he wants. The LCTV board should bump Christy to the other channel and quite frankly, Christy should want that so he doesn't appear to be a shill for anyone.

Niagara Prognosticator said...


Thanks for the suggestion that I not particiapte in this blog. That's a fine kettle of fish (Greg Lewis uses that one)


As far as I can tell, I've been civil, even if I have not agreed with your opinion on some matter. I also trust that we've agreed on several other matter.

I come here because I like the point/counter-point discussion. But if you'd prefer that I jut post "Dittos to you, SA" after every one of your posts, then perhaps I will just stay away.

Fundamentally, on this topic, we disagree about our perceptions of a certain local cable access host. I don't think that he's overtly partisan, you do. I think that he panders to both sides of the political aisle, you say that doesn't count because, underneath, he's DEMOCRAT who used to work for the Assembly led by the evil wizard, Shelly Silver. I say his agenda is to promote open government and to hear himself talk, you say that he out to get the Majority Caucus, which her hates. (How can anyone hate a caucus?? They're so beautiful and colorful as they nose their way out of the snow as the first flowers of spring.)

You think that he's shrill and has a crazy hairdoo, so do I! (Look at that, something we agree on.)

So don't unsubscribe to cable TV (hint: if you and millions of others stopped subscribing, all the cable channels will go down.) , continue your "Can Christy Crusade" and dismiss the idea of your own show (even though you did seem to have some interest in the idea). No skin off my nose.

Just trying assist here by offering some practical solutions to your concerns.

PS. Just what do you mean by the rodeo clown remark? I give the bull a run around? I guess.

Anonymous said...


My suggestion is simple. Come out from behind the keyboard and open yourself up. Call LCTV and tell them you want to host Legislative Journal for an evening. We'll see who is better.

MPS said...

As obscenities go, the Christy comment is fairly innocuous. The comment seems more unprofessional than obscene in my opinion. Let's face it, local access TV isn't exactly a paragon of broadcast journalism. Credibility issues notwithstanding, if he offends you this much, your best bet is to protest w/ your remote. At any rate, I've enjoyed the lively, interesting debate although some posters appear to have an agenda.

Larry Castellani said...

What Clemenza assumes is that there is, on the one hand, pure objectivity and on the other solely biased coverage. Then he tries to purge Cable discourse of its bias by separating government from politics. We can distinguish the two but in reality we can’t and shouldn’t separate them. “Objectivity” has a nice ring to it but you don’t achieve it by creating artificial abstractions such as “government” discourse purged of “political” discourse and vice versa. Genuine ‘objectivity’ comes about in civil discourse when perspectives are allowed the full light of day to make their case and offer us the opportunity to see the truth through their particular lens. By differing perspectives confronting one another, new perspectives, more concrete and useful come about. When the Supreme Court stole the election from Gore, that was “government” being “political.” And when the people voice their “biases” and influence elected representatives, that’s “government.” When you try to purge a talk show like Christy’s of its “politics” you simple suppress civil discourse and repress the voice of the people who weren’t elected or don’t have the money to buy lobbyists. Even many if not most academics suffer under the same illusion. But such idealistic “objectivity” doesn’t even exist in the university and shouldn’t. There is, in other words, no objectivity without truth and truth comes about only in a many-sided discourse free of moralizing authoritarians who prefer force and repression to democratic process and open, unencumbered self-expression.

Anonymous said...

As I read this blog I noticed several people asking for the Board of Directors to step in. That's quite a joke, They all have skeletons in their closet when it comes to LCTV and Tom Christy knows it. I hope he starts talking if they mess with him. I don't want to give anything away right now but for a cable franchise that's supposed to be non-political they're in pretty deep.

clemenza said...


I didn't say bump him. The government channel is supposed to provide gavel to gavel coverage of town meetings, school board meetings, public hearings, etc. without the commentary. It's a modern way for all of us to check in on our government without having to trudge down to town hall.

I said Christy should be on public access, one channel over, which is the right place for his commentary. I like the fact that the government channel provides unfiltered access to my government. It's the one time I don't have to take someone else's word for what's going on.

Considering how much you talk about the need for an education citizenry, I would think you would agree with me.

Larry Castellani said...

I get what you are saying. I wasn’t aware there was such a strict definition of what the Government Channel should be. If that’s the case legally then I agree with you especially, as you point out, regarding the educational aspect. But I guess I’m always a little suspicious when formalities are used to try to get rid of someone. Sorry if it seemed I was accusing you of a witch hunt. I don’t think I was but I do think there is a campaign to get rid of him on the part of some. But I still don’t know why the Government Channel can’t accommodate Christy with his present format. There’s still got to be commentary on what happens in government sessions and there isn’t enough of that either. Maybe he does overextend his designated focus. But again as someone struggling to find out what Niagara County is really all about I just get quite upset when any source of information/discussion is threatened.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Before folks make declarations that one channel is this and another that, you should trudge on over to the LCTV web site and have a gander at the By-Laws.

The reason for limiting advocacy for a particular candidate or legislation is all about maintaining its tax exempt status as a 501 C-3 organization. Its purpose is to foster an exchange of ideas, without censorship.

Its "public access" not "government access."

Almost anything goes.

clemenza said...


I appreciate the point of view. Let me throw another one at you. Think of all the government and quasi-government meetings that go on in Niagara County under the radar. Think of your own NCCC Trustee meetings. You've got IDA, Bridge Commission, hospital boards, county commissions, county committees, school boards, town boards, village boards and on and on.

Wouldn't it be better to see three hours put to use shining the spotlight on the workings of these institutions than have just more talking head commentary, especically when that commentary could be on another public access station?

And I do agree with you that appears some people in this chain have an agenda!!!

christy said...

what do margo sue and bob confer have in common? both are handsome devils who robbed New York State of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Anonymous said...

This is being posted way past the normal persons interest in any subject (15 minutes), but felt the need to comment. Tom Christy, or hosts of his ilk, are on the airwaves to feed his own ego, ergo, boost his insecurities, not. Then, they get a following and suddenly they have a messiah complex. Listen to Christy and watch him...he rarely allows others to speak, he wants the attention on himself. He's there for his groupies. I agree programs as his have a place,government channel or otherwise, but there is rarely an exchange of ideas on Leg. Journal, as he does not allow much discourse. And his behavior smacks, pardon the pun,of someone who is abusing some substance, name your poison. What I find the most intolerable about Christy is this: he does not live in Niagara County, and he does not work in Niagara County, as I believe his tv hosting is volunteer. He lives and works in Erie county. I don't know about you all, but Niag. county residents are allowed to criticize their own, but I'll be damned if I want someone from another county throwing stones. It is way past time that LCTV find a new, articulate, finger-on-the-pulse of this county. LCTV BOD, what say you?

Anonymous said...

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