November 28, 2007

Breaking News - Changes in Leg Leadership

Niagara Times has learned that changes are on the horizon for certain leadership positions within the Niagara County Legislature.

Former Chairman of the Legislature, Bill Ross, appears poised to once again hold the Chairmanship. Current Administration Committee Chairman Jason Murgia will apparently become the new Majority Leader, and Keith McNall will Chair Administration.

There are several perspectives on this. Firstly, Niagara Times is obviously viewed as a credible source of information. We very much appreciate the information which has been provided to us and encourage our readers to continue to do so.

Secondly, this is not the first time that Ross and Clyde Burmaster have switched roles. There seems to be a strategy on the part of the Majority to have a Chairman that will guide them through certain phases of the two-year term. More specifically, it seems that Ross navigates the Legislature through the issues and uses his consensus building abilities to get initiatives through the Leg. Burmaster seems to have been chosen by the Majority to lead them through the election cycle. Based on the outcomes of the 2007 Leg races, Burmaster has been effective in that role.

Thirdly, one cannot ignore the party affiliations of the leadership. Ross is a Conservative, Murgia is a Democrat and McNall is a Republican. Will this bipartisanship in those roles be effective in moving the county forward?

Lastly, based on the information that we have received, other committee chairmanships will remain unchanged: Smolinski will retain Community Safety and Security, Sklarski will chair Community Services, Farnham will head Public Works and Updegrove will retain Economic Development.


Virtual Unreality said...

That's good stuff. I think Ross is a good choice to be chairman again. He's a good leader, a good speaker & a rational decision maker.

Murgia as majority leader is a big question mark. I'm not really inclined to see him stand up and go toe-to-toe with Virtuoso, especially since their both Italians from the Falls - and both Dems.

frank degeorge said...

This is pretty savvy stuff. That would mean Burmaster, who is probably the best political mind in the Legislature, could make a return for 2009. This is like having good starting and good relieve pitching.

And kudos SA for breakin another one.

Anonymous said...

Sklarski remaining in that post is a bad idea. The guy is an idiot. If you notice they only bring him out during elections to make him look good to keep his seat in the majority. But with putting Murgia in as Majority leader, up against Virtuoso, now that will make for good tv. Lastly Bill Ross should be the chairman!

cg466 said...

Wow Curley amd Moe changing places.

Skarlisy is an Idiot.