October 3, 2007

A Stern Warning to Candidates

Below is an email from an irate voter. Candidates and party leaders of all affiliations should take heed of this. I always thought the general rule of thumb was no door to door after dark and no phone calls after 8 p.m. I welcome input from any of the many operatives from both parties who regularly visit our site.

Sail Away,

I’m a pissed off Pendleton resident this morning and I’m hoping if you post this political people in both parties will see this and change their tactics.

Last night, my wife was out so I was home with our two small toddler-aged children. After baths, I put them to bed like we do every night between 7:45 and 8 p.m. People rarely call after 8 p.m. unless it’s important.

So why am I mad this morning? Because I received one of those political taped phone messages from Roger Chenez at 8:40 p.m. This is simply out of bounds.

I purposely put my phone number on my voter registration card because I’m one of these people who actually like to get called for polls and to get the political messages. I’m a junkie for this stuff. So let me be clear that I’m not mad about Chenez calling my home like some people might be.


Roger and Dan Rivera, get your friggin act together and don’t call so late. You both should know better.


cg466 said...

I hope to God one of those bastards knock on my front door.Please just give me 30 seconds to kick some corrupt ass.

Frank DeGeorge said...

I have to agree that calling late is annoying. I personally don't like any of the calls, but you've got to expect some of it at this time of year. It's amazing that candidates who spend so much time trying to earn support from voters would do such stupid, annoying things that would make people vote against them.

I guess the emailer from Pendleton won't be voting for Chenez.

Anonymous said...

Give me your address, I'll stop by later on and we'll have a little discussion on some your favorite topics. County Legislators, The prestigious Niagara Falls School District, local NF politicians, etc. You love to threaten everyone but yet you do it behind a keyboard. Where are your serious solutions to the problems? And please, Im not looking to banter back and forth. Give something of substance and promote positive, critical thinking. It seems as if you have insight into what goes behind closed doors. Let's be more than just cynical about it.

As far as the late nite call, 8.40? Maybe a little too late to call, but would we rather have them ignore us? Was there reasoning behind such a late call. Was he busy discussing pertinent issues to a voter? All you have to do is ask the person calling you. Why??

Frank DeGeorge said...

If I read the post correctly, it was one of those roto-calls where you answer the phone and get a taped message...there is no one live to talk to and ask why are they calling so late.

Pendleton lover said...

There he goes again... big man cg466 ready to fight. Maybe he should run for office instead and change things if he's so smart. Also, its obvious anon has no small kids. Try working all day, coming home exhausted, finally getting 3 small kids to bed only to have some bum call your house at almost 9 pm with nothing to say worth hearing. The phone wakes 2 of my 3 kids up (partially my fault because I forgot to turn it off), but nonetheless, I'm going to still blame the candidate. Chenez lost my vote too!

Anonymous said...

Actually I have three children, all in elementary school, homestead and non-homestead property owner. Small business owner and public sector employee. I float all over the place, except the dark depths of where cg and his minions troll.
My point being is that there is a limited time that a candidate can call, Im sure someone is going to complain that there were calls during dinner! Oh, the audacity!! We complain that they dont represent us, and we complain when they make attempts to contact us.
I say be glad your representative is attempting to talk to you, it may be the last time it ever happens. Let him or her know how you feel, in a constructive manner. You get more bees with honey! (that's for you CG466!!!)

Turk 182 said...

What's funny about these calls is I don't know anyone who changes their opinion based on these calls. At best it's a wash, at worst, you lose voters like the gentlemen from Pendleton.

You would think all the high-priced political consultants would be smart enough to figure out a campaign tactic that isn't so counter productive.

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone else is talking about this. I live in the City of Lockport. Earlier this summer, I just had put my two kids in bed and the doorbell rang waking them up. It was almost 9PM. Beverly McDonough insisted that she needed my signature on her petition. I couldn't believe her nerve. It still ticks me off everytime I hear the doorbell ring. I don't care if politicans come to my door as I do like talking with them, but do it at a reasonable hour. And by the way, Beverly lost my vote because it showed me that she lacked basic common sense.

cg466 said...

I was tuaght a long time ago not to write checks I cant cash! cynical cant discribe my disdain for politicians.So anonymous your kind broke it so you can fix it.My responsibility is stir the pot.Your right count legislators are all pawns for good King George.Prestigous? you have to be kidding me! Oh I aint Voting for you Danny.You get more bees with honey! (that's for you CG466!!!)

I perfer DDT