October 15, 2007

Registration Required

When the Niagara Times blog was started back on June 1st, it was stated that at some point registration would be required to post on the site. Alas, we have reached that point.

As many of you have seen, Scott Leffler posted that he would no longer participate in this forum because of the anonymous pot shots being taken at him. Although Scott's departure from the blog is not the sole reason that this now policy is being implemented, it is indicative of a problem with a very few anonymous posters. Scott and I periodically disagree on issues, but he, and anyone else who wants to participate in productive dialog, should not be discouraged from coming in here to give their point of view.

For the record, registration does not allow me or anyone else to see any personal information. If you choose to, you can create a profile with an email address that will allow readers to email you directly, but that is optional.

Otherwise, please continue to enjoy the site. Thank you for your participation.



Mr. Pink said...

It's too bad SA that it came to this, but that's what happens with the web.

Niagara Prognosticator said...

Although I am "anonymous" with this nom-de-plume its too bad its come to this.

Hopefully this move will encourage civil discourse.

cg466 said...

What the heck is civil discourse?
I only read this site to read the posts of the sheep that fawn all over our elected clowns. Get a life folks,these clowns put there pants on one leg at a time.But heck this is Niagara county where most of you worrie about the supply of Government cheese.