October 5, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert Foot - Again

In case you missed it, the City of Lockport has been recently contemplating a raise for Chief Building Inspector Jim McCann as an enticement to put off retirement for two years. With passage of the city's budget earlier this week, the enticement worked, and McCann will stick around.

Alderman Joe Kibler vehemently opposed the raise because he and McCann frequently did not see eye to eye while Kibler served on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Fair enough, many of us have worked with people we didn't particularly care for, so being opposed to giving someone we don't like a raise is understandable.

But once again, Kibler, instead of simply voting "no", has to toss in his two cents. The problem with two cents from Kibler is that you can inevitably count on it being another idiotic comment. In this case, Kibler recently admitted that when McCann's son was playing youth basketball in the city and Kibler was one of the referees, he tossed the kid from the game. Why? Because of who the boy's father is.

Admitted Kibler, when he found out the youngster was Jim McCann's kid, “I threw him right out of there”. Okay, let me get this straight. You dislike an individual because of, well, whatever reason, but you take it out on his kid? Is this not one of the most disgusting things you've ever heard out of a local politician? This clown is the Alderman-at-Large for the City of Lockport, and he goes around conducting himself in this manner?

Of course, this is the epitome of Joe Kibler. The same Joe Kibler that when a group of African American senior citizens requested the use of a city park, remarked that they'll have the use of "monkey bars". From what I have heard, remarks such as that are commonplace for Kibler, and that Joyce Miles and Tom Prohaska have repeatedly warned Kibler that if he continues with his off-color remarks, they will have to report them publicly. He apparently uses Committee of the Whole meetings as his forum for racial indifference.

The bottom line is that Kibler is a disgrace. He is a disgrace to public office, and he is a disgrace as a person. The Republican Party should be ashamed of themselves for supporting him, and the Democratic Party should be ashamed for not finding a candidate to challenge him.

To many in the community, Joe Kibler is Santa Claus. Every year, he dons his red suit and parades around town as Santa. What a charade. Instead of wearing a big red suit, he should be wearing a scarlet letter.


Scott Leffler said...


I was in M-24 (the "committee of the whole" room) for the Monkey Bars comment.

I found it repulsive and would have gone public with it immediately if then-Alderman Scott Cercone didn't implore me to give Joe a second chance. I did ... and he didn't improve, making similar comments in front of a colleague of mine, Chuck Richardson.

I don't regret many decisions I made as a reporter, but have - since Chuck told me some of Joe's additional comments - regretted not coming forward on the "monkey bars" comment immediately.

To think, we got rid of Tate Pitrello for this guy.

Turk 182 said...

Does the City of Lockport have any sort of ethics committee that can look into this stuff? At the very least, shouldn't he be censured?

cg466 said...

What else is new. Get a life boys,all public sector people are in it for themselves,No ethics,no class.