October 27, 2007

Lockport Mayoral Race

The race for Mayor of Lockport appears to be heating up a bit, but in reality, it's no warmer now than it was six months ago.

I was able to catch Scott Leffler's show yesterday which featured both candidates, incumbent Mike Tucker and challenger Mike Pillot. Tucker touted his record over the past four years, and Pillot made one blind accusation after another.

This entire campaign, I have not once heard Mike Pillot offer a plan. He has repeatedly attacked the incumbent. Pillot says he is going to do this, and he is going to do that, but not once has he offered any specifics.

People are sick of this type of campaigning. Tell me what YOU are going to do if you are elected. Nothing else matters. If you are the incumbent, tell me what you have accomplished, which Tucker has done time after time.

Tucker is an excellent mayor, Pillot has not made a substantive statement yet. Tucker crushes Pillot 68% - 32%.


Clark Griswold said...

From what I've seen from the two candidates, 68% to 32% may be giving Pillot a little too much credit...

dr. mike hunt said...

dear adam,

please get your garbage outta here. thank you

Millionaire Jack Davis said...

Tucker wins in a rout. Tucker is one of the best Mayors/Supervisors in all of WNY. This is much less a race than the paper is giving it credit for being.