October 2, 2007

A Legitimate Candidate's Forum

It will be a nice change to candidate forums this year from the ususal Spanish Inquisition put on every year by the so-called taxpayer watchdog group....from the Union Sun & Journal:

LOCKPORT: Area Candidates Q&A is Oct. 15

By Joyce Miles/milesj@gnnewspaper.com
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

A Lockport-area candidates' forum will be held Oct. 15, and televised live by LCTV, at the Kenan Center’s Taylor Theater.

Participating candidates are:

• Mayor Michael Tucker and challenger Michael J. Pillot.

• 7th District Legislator Gerald Farnham and challenger Roger Chenez.

• 15th District Legislator Harry J. Apolito and challenger Tony Nemi.

• 16th District Legislator William K. McNall and challenger Beverly McDonough.

• 17th District Legislator Richard E. Updegrove and challenger Charles Dahlquist.

Candidates will be questioned by a panel composed of representatives of YWCA of Niagara, Niagara USA Chamber, the Union-Sun & Journal, WLVL radio and the Participation In Government class at Lockport High School.

The forum will be moderated by Jackie Davis, an LCTV board member and host of “Business Today.”


Chest Protector said...

I can't wait for this forum. Let's see if Pillot has the sack to say all the things he said about the city in front of this crowd. He got away with it at the other meeting because they hate the city anyway and went along with it.

Mr. Pink said...

I fully support any forum that has qualified, relatively impartial panelists getting candidates to give their views.

Larry S said...

Absolutely, Pink. We don't see enough of that. It's pretty sad when a "taxpayers" group, which based on the name would support TAXPAYERS, is advocating more and more for the unions and opposed to smaller government (see Mt View).

Frank DeGeorge said...

I'm personally tired of these forums where everything is so tightly scripted and there's very little back and forth between the candidates. I find them useless.