October 29, 2007

County Leg 7th District

The race for Niagara County Legislator from the 7th District, which includes Pendleton and a portion of the Town of Lockport, pits incumbent Gerald Farnham against challenger Roger Chenez.

Chenez appears to be an amiable gentleman, with strong union ties. Farnham is generally quiet in the Leg until the discussion turns to public works. He is by far the most knowledgeable member of the county legislature when it comes to this topic.

The most visible contrast between the two seems to be their respective stance on Mount View. Chenez called the closing of the facility "disastrous to our seniors". Farnham supports the Berger Commission recommendation to close the facility.

Here we have two nice gentlemen who seem to be running a clean campaign. Unfortunately for Chenez, he has not done enough to increase his name awareness. Farnham wins with 64% of the vote.

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