October 30, 2007

County Leg 15th District

The race for the Niagara County Legislature's 15th District seat is one worth watching. The contest features incumbent Harry Apolito and challenger Tony Nemi.

Apolito has managed to stave off challenges from Rick Podgers and Scott Cercone over the past four years, with Apolito winning in 2005 by about 10 votes.

Nemi has tremendous name recognition in Lockport. He also will be going into the November 6th General Election with four lines, something no opponent of Apolito has done before.

According to the US&J, Nemi is the "anti-status-quo candidate in the race. He spoke of the need for legislators of all stripes to pursue common goals, from reduction of taxes and local government’s size to increased promotion of Niagara’s development assets".

Apolito, they stated, "is well known for his embrace of proposals that go nowhere".

At this point, this race is too close to call.

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