October 9, 2007

Amazing Game, Crushing Defeat

After last night, it's only fitting to revert to a smattering of sports. I had the opportunity to attend Monday night's nationally televised Bill-Cowboys game. What an electric crowd. I had never been to a Bills game, and I have attended many, where I stood the entire game. The ENTIRE game the crowd was on its feet. I've been on my feet for a Springsteen concert, never for a Bills game.

Monday night at Ralph Wilson Stadium was a testament to the ferocious loyalty of the Buffalo fan. Monday night was also the second most heart wrenching defeat I've ever seen as a Bills fan (sorry, Scott Norwood). But, we'll bounce back, as Buffalo always does, because we are resilient.

It's just too bad we have to do it with that IDIOT OF A COACH who decided to pass on third down instead of simply running the ball and taking the sure three points!!! Sorry, just needed to get the off my chest.

One more thing - lock up your women, Willis McGahee is coming to town in two weeks.


William Wallace said...

The sure three points off the field goal would have done it. Another messed up coaching call was on third down earlier in the game, the crazy reverse call instead of pounding for 2 yds up the middle. In addition, we only rushed 4 lineman, no blitz ever, and then dropped back the secondary to far, all 4th quarter. They needed to keep the pressure on Romo instead of letting him continue to dump shorter gains underneath.

But to be honest, our O was the majority of the problem, which left the D on the field too long. 3 for 13 on 3rd down and 3 pts on O won't cut it.

The D is in decent shape and will be better when the injured players return, but the O still needs work.

Either way, the loyal fans will be waiting for the next dynasty to be formed. Lets hope the prior generation (Jim-bo, Marv, and Thurman) can get it started.

Pete M said...

Marv never did anything for me. he ran a very undisciplined team in the 90's that, with a better coach, would have shown up for the Super Bowls. Kelly & Co's reputation for partying, right up to the Super Bowls, is legendary.

That's great for him, I'm sure he got planty of tail, but he never won the big one, and he, like Marino, will never be mentioned with Young, Aikman, Bradshaw, Favre & Montana.

When every team in the league is looking at 35+ coaches, Buffalo has an 80 year-old GM and a never-was coach.

Clark Griswold said...

I was also there last night, and it was by far the loudest I have ever heard the stadium in the 10+ years I've been attending Bills games. First, our defense and special teams played their butts off and deserved a W. The play calling by the coaches, especially when it counted most last in the 4th, was absolutely pathetic. Even if we run the ball short of a first down on the third down Trent threw that big pick, Lindell then nails a chip shot field goal, and we are up 11 points with a good 40 seconds off the clock. That was just unreal. One would think they would have learned something about this type of clock management with the lead after they threw that bomb to Lee Evans late in week one instead of running clock. However, to let Dallas run any type of route that will let them get out of bounds in that situation that put them into field goal range may be the most unexcusable of all. All they needed to do was guard the sidelines. Incomplete pass? Great. Completed pass anywhere in bounds besides a touchdown? Game over, we win. These types of notions that we saw our coaching staff fumble last night seem pretty elementary. A great game to be sure, but what an unbelievable let down for the team and the city.