October 2, 2007

The AES Announcement

Interesting. You had labor and business. You had two Somerset Councilmen from the so-called "pro-Shoemaker" side and the Town Supervisor from the so-called "pro AES side." You had DelMonte and Maziarz both saying good things. Yes, the much ballyhooed AES investment announcement was made today and by all reports, it went over well. Finally, common sense may be taking over as people realize that regardless of your views on the PILOT, AES making a $25 million investment in our community is a good thing.

From Business First:

AES expanding lake access Business First of Buffalo - by David Bertola Business First

AES Somerset unveiled plans Tuesday to build a $25 million lake-unloading facility at its electric generating station on the shores of Lake Ontario.

AES estimates the project will create approximately 100 union construction jobs over a two-year period, and help retain more than 150 management and union jobs at the 675 megawatt power plant.

The project is part of AES' effort to enhance operating efficiencies, and provide a transportation alternative with an eye toward reducing the cost on shipments of coal, limestone and other bulk commodities transported on ships to the AES plant.

The new facility will include construction of a 3,200-foot long pier, which will be designed to incorporate a conveyor system and hopper to unload the vessels.


Pete M said...

Where are all the naysayers now? Where are the people who said this PILOT would not lead to any new investment or now jobs? Just so pathetically predicable.

Anonymous said...

this does not create any new perm jobs. Only temp construction jobs.

Anonymous said...

Jobs are being created, and will be created as a result of this investment. (Temporary & perm.) As pete said, it's not surprising that this article doesn't get any acknowledgment. That would require quite a few people retracting quite a few comments.

cg466 said...

Where are all the naysayers now? Where are the people who said this PILOT would not lead to any new investment or now jobs? Just so pathetically predicable.

Here I am,Good King George gets some action now becuase he keeps his wife happy. This is a sham and only someone who has an agenda doesen't belive that.

sam from Lockport said...

My guess is cg466 sits on his couch all day long, or in front of his computer, eating chips and doesn't work. A 25 million dollar private sector investment is a scam? Come on dude! I was anti PILOT too, but give me a break here. There comes a point where you have to move on and get a life. Some of us pro-labor guys want to keep our people working and off the unemployment line. Go back to your soaps!

Anonymous said...

People like CG complain that Moses couldn't swim, and therefore had to part the Red Sea to get through. It was all part of a much bigger conspiracy claimed the Pharaohs ( and CG).
BTW CG you do an excellent job of copying & pasting everyone's comments and yet add nothing to an otherwise intelligent conversation. People should be banned/neutered for their lack of intellgent thought. hint hint

Niagara Prognosticator said...

I'm sitting here watching Fox, err...LCTV's presentation of the IDA and Republican Caucus' campaign press conferences. Seems to me these political events belong on Channel 20, not 22.

The AES re-announcement of its lake pier concept was reminiscent to me of the hoopla created around NFR's presentation of the watercolor drawings by the Jerde Group of the "development" concept drawing for downtown Niagara Falls. We know all too well how that turned out.

The AES project is at a similar step point in the process. Its a concept, not a plan. There are just too many open questions to grant the idea the "wow, this might really happen treatment" that the assembled political players in the background might be expected to play up.

Is there an actual proposal on the table? Has there been any applications to the Corps of Engineers, the State DEC or the EPA? Is there a realistic timetable for the process? Its seems to me the only relevant timetable for this presser is the upcoming elections.

The idea is certainly interesting and no-one can question that a potential $25 million investment is not significant. But who is asking the other hard questions. As presented, AES is suggesting that other shippers could make use of the lake port. But that is unrealistic unless someone (taxpayers?) invests in significant roadway improvements through the Niagara County countryside. Another indication that the only hard thinking was about how to provide political cover.

The press conference itself seemed more an IDA promotional tool than a major project announcement. Mickey Sloma did not waste the opportunity to tout the IDA's horn looking to exhibit this far from a sure bet idea as justification for its AES PILOT blunder. The county GOP must be really worried that the issue is getting some play to go to all this trouble.

The McNulty press conference decrying the Gov's proposal to reverse the recently enacted Pataki executive order to require SS numbers for drivers' licenses was obviously a staged political event. Was that a real reporter asking the questions of McNulty? Or a Republican media shill? Who did the video tape?

Local Dem politicians across upstate NY should be inundating the Gov's political officers for the ham handed way Spitzer handled this issue, first by being out of touch with upstate and second, timing this thing just a month before the local elections. It may play in NYC, but not here. Spitzer is setting himself as a one-man band who is tone deaf to the other players around him.

Spitzer handed the loyal opposition a big fat softball that they have swung for the fences with.