September 23, 2007

Union Sun & Journal's Censorship

Niagara Times thought that this was so important that it needed it's own post.

Apparently, one of this blog's readers copied and pasted the previous Spitzer post onto the Union Sun & Journal online message board. It appears that the US&J editorial board was none to happy with that post.

The reader sent me an email this afternoon letting me know that he has been banned from posting on the US&J message board from now on. He stated that when he went online to read the community forum on the Union Sun, he received a message stating:

We're sorry, but your IP address ( has been banned by this community. This means that you may not login or register as long as you are online with this IP address.
For further assistance, please contact the community administrators
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How amazingly offensive is this? I guess the Greater Niagara Newspaper group advocates the right to free speech, except when it's on their message board and contradicts their view point.


Scott Leffler said...

And yet that post is still up. One would think that if they were upset about that post, they would have removed it. Maybe there's more to this than you know?

Larry S said...

That's a B.S. answer, Scott. Why does there have to be a conspiracy theory behind everything? If there's more to it than that, SAY IT.

Maybe they don't have the capability to take it down, but that's completely besides the point. As much as you accuse others of being the "rodeo clown", that is exactly what you just did with that post.

What the US&J did with that post is inexcusable. Address the issue at hand.

Larry S said...

Pardon me, but allow me to clarify. It's not what the paper did with the post, it's what they did to the poster that is inexcusable.

Scott Leffler said...


I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that people share IPs quite often. Especially if you use AOL. So banning one IP could have banned hundreds of people simultaneously by accident.

I'm not saying there's a conspiracy theory. I think it's Sail Away that's inferring conspiracy.

And I've seen posts disappear on that site, so I know it's possible for them to be removed.

I think some of you WANT to hate GNN. Just like you WANT to hate Spitzer.

Whatever floats yer boat.

Sam from Lockport said...

Lets get back to the issue at hand here. Love him or hate him, the press loves Spitzer and sides with him no matter what he does. And when you disagree, such as was done on a little blog, they cut you off or won't publish your letter to the editor. Too bad GNN doesn't have one decent reporter anyway who could actually understand what's going on in Albany. PS - for the record, I'm a registered Dem and have been one all my life.

Virtual Unreality said...

Scott, your position on this looks ridiculous. The paper banned a poster because it didn't like the content. It wasn't because one IP was banned accidentally, it wasn't because someone uses AOL, it wasn't for any other reason that the paper didn't like being called out.

Spitzer screwed up, the vast majority of the people of this state think so, but you continuously live in denial when it comes to this guy.

And why make the statement "whatever floats yer boat"? It's juvenile and insulting. Some people hate Spitzer. So what? Does that make you a better person than them? You hate the county legislature, some people like them. Should they think that you're stupid because they like something you don't?

You need a little objectivity, Scott. I don't mean it as insult, just a little friendly advice.

But again, as mentioned before, you're simply doing your "rodeo clown" impression to deflect away from the fact that 70% of the people of this state think Spitzer should testify.

Scott Leffler said...


You're making an assumption that this guy was banned for a post he made, but the post was left up. That's just stupid. If the post was offensive, they would have removed it. Has anyone called the US&J and asked? Of course not. It's easier and more fun to make assumptions.

For the record, I didn't support the "any means neccesary" position by Spitzer of getting to Bruno. Podcasts of my previous shows will prove that.

I just find it funny that for some people, Spitzer's the problem. And the school boards are the problem. And the alignment of the stars is the problem. Its anything but the majority in the legislature.

Do I HATE the legislature? No. I simply find them useless and trite. Do people think I'm stupid for that position? Probably. Do I lose any sleep over that? No.

Mr. Pink said...

What I find interesting is the "banned by this community." It implies that someone complained about the user. I hope I'm wrong on this account, because blogging allows for a whole range of opinions...someone will be offensive, short-sighted, ill-reasoned, juvenile, but it's up to the other bloggers to respond and keep the discussion moving forward.

SA, I would hope that whoever sent that email to you did indeed contact the blog administrator. Lo and behold, mistakes do happen.

If US&J did indeed censor their site, the values at their paper had slipped even further than I would have thought.

Scott Leffler said...


If memory serves me correctly, this site has also pulled posts. And when I had my blog, I had to pull a few posts and even banned a couple users who couldn't follow the very few rules I had.

Even the internet needs some order.

In the end, I got disgusted with the lack of civil communication on the blog and canned it altogether.

So for, Saily has been a better blog administrator than I was, thankfully.

Pirate's Code said...

There could be any number of reasons for an IP address being banned -- previous abuse, computer virus, operater error. That the post still exists on the US&J page seems to discount any conspiracy theories -- at least so far as the posting.

That said, I'm increasingly skeptical of internet chat lines, blogs and the like as the source of real news or rational comment.

I like this site because it is (mostly) local, and for the most part has commentors that write well and are thought-provoking.

That said, it may be time for Sail Away to require a more stringent registration process. I've noticed in previous posts that someone is attempting to hijack Mr. Pink's online moniker (if not his panache). Now, maybe there is another reader who likes that name or the character on which it is based. Or, just maybe, it is someone with a point of view attempting to circumvent our original Mr. Pink's point of view.

Either way, it damages the credibility of the writer, it's confusing to the reader and it threatens to make this site just another piece of internet road kill. Which would be too bad.

I have my reasons for using the online name I do, which may or may not be the same as other people's reasons. So, discount my views because I won't reveal my true identity (it's not Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent) if you want, but a registration process would at least let you know that Pirate's Code is indeed Pirate's Code.

Losman Bites said...

Scott, since you have such a great relationship with Tim Marren, why don't you ask him?

I'm sure Marren is reading this board, three or four stories that I can recall were on here before the paper picked them up. What's the story, Tim?

Sail Away said...


For the record, comments were pulled from this site for one of two reasons: 1) The use of profanity, or 2) A personal attack. Never has a comment been pulled for content.

Scott Leffler said...


I'm sure SailAway is capable of calling Marren if he wished to know. Of for that matter, you can do the same. The number's in the book. If I wanted to know for my show, I'd call ... but I'm not the one asking.


I didn't mean to imply that you did - or even that it was bad form. As I said, I pulled posts myself when I had a blog. I was just pointing out that it happens ... and controlling the content on one's own blog is not evil.

Fat Tony said...

Enough of this media watch stuff...does Sail Away think he's Howard Kurtz now?

Clark Griswold said...

Wow, Tony, you've really hit the nail right on the head. Who does Sail Away think he/she is criticizing the media?!?! Isn't the media always right....? Give me a break. Many of the topics on this blog are ones that the papers should be reporting, but simply choose to ignore.


Why does it seem like you are attacking the seemingly majority of people in our state that simply want Governer Spitzer to be held accountable? Wanting him to testify isn't an issue of hatred like you seem to think, it is an issue of accountability.

cg466 said...

Do I HATE the legislature? No. I simply find them useless and trite. Do people think I'm stupid for that position? Probably. Do I lose any sleep over that? No.

Het Scott,I was banned one time.I went to another computer and server.Problem solved. I hate the Legislature.Everyone who serves on it is clown. Look at these people all short bus riders.

Clark Griswold said...

Good for you Cg, what a mature, objective analysis.

Anonymous said...

Dearest CG,

You state that you hate the Legislature and they all ride the short bus?!?! Exactly what credentials do you have that would propel you to the front of the class?? Are you a child or a civilized adult? You get no prizes for predicting rain... only building Arcs...

cg466 said...

You state that you hate the Legislature and they all ride the short bus?!?! Exactly what credentials do you have that would propel you to the front of the class?? Are you a child or a civilized adult? You get no prizes for predicting rain... only building Arcs...

My credentials are I work in the private sector.I dont make my pay check off the backs of the taxpayers,I dont steal money from my neighbors,I dont rape the Senior citizen and the people on fixed incomes.As I have always said "Those who can't work for the Government". Now get behind the wheel of the short bus express,your friends need to get to Lockport. You are dismissed!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ill try this again, What precisely do you suggest the Legislature do? I asked for a solution to the myriad of terrible problems you state the legislature has created and yet you say nothing. You are a very angry person, who obviously likes to sit on the couch and coach from there! For the record, I too work in the private sector, owning a very successful business as well as work for the state. Enjoying the best of both worlds. Im sure your next comment will certainly be to slam me, as I am nothing more than a parasite on the backs of the legislature, but thats ok. Angry people such as you do absolutly nothing to SOLVE THE PROBLEM. So scream louder, because no one is listening. This is a site dedicated to civil discourse, not "Child-like immature comments" BTW I refuse to continue such a foolish discussion with someone who brings nothing to the table. So, I am now done with you. Run along.

cg466 said...

I am nothing more than a parasite on the backs of the legislature.

I also own a sucessful business.
I dont work for the state. So I would call you the enemy.You sir are what is wrong with this country. You are dismissed Sally.