September 11, 2007

Pillot's Allegations

City of Lockport mayoral candidate Mike Pillot has raised more than a few eyebrows over the past week with accusations of rampant criminal activity within the Lockport Police Department.

Last Thursday evening, Pillot stated that he has proof of the alleged illegal activities, which according to Pillot, included a recorded conversation. A few days later, after being asked to provide this proof by Police Chief Neil Merritt, Pillot asked a supporter to destroy the evidence. In case that was unclear, a 25-year police veteran asked a supporter to destroy evidence of illegal activity. I find that stunning. Even more stunning is the fact that Pillot publicly admitted such.

As a law enforcement officer, is it not your duty and obligation to report illegal activity, now and while on the job? What about the crime, was it a victimless crime? How would the victim feel knowing you just had evidence destroyed that may have impacted his or her case?

I'd like to know why Pillot continued to work at LPD if the department is so corrupt. To me, he sold his soul. Essentially, he continued to work there, believing that department is corrupt. Upon, leaving, he decided to spill the beans. But if he knew about it while there, while taking a taxpayer subsidized paycheck, he was part of the alleged cover-up.

If you knew about illegal activities and sat on them while collecting a check, you put your personal interests before the interests of the city.

Hardly the traits we need in a mayor.


Larry S said...

I've heard that this guy has a few bullets with initials on them of people he'd like to put the bullet in. I also hear that he drives a hearse, not for work or anything, that has a license plate that says, "LP666". NICE!

Scott Leffler said...

This whole things just seems like it's out of the Twilight Zone. I had Pillot on my show about a month ago. He was quiet as a mouse and squeaky clean. Then he comes out with this stuff. One thing I think is worth noting is that any accusation made about the police department is ALWAYS met with quick retribution FROM the police department. That leads me to think that some of Pillot's accusations could have - and forgive the pun - merit.

Truth Detector said...

I'm tired of all of these accusations flying around during campaign season. Candidates for office who want to hurl charges should either produce something to back them up or stay quiet. In my opinion, voters should give zero credence to this crap and the media should ignore it....until something concrete is produced. Then it becomes a whole new ballgame.

This Pillot guy is a whack job.

Perhaps we should get Merrill Bender involved, I hear he's against Pillots.....yes, I made that joke and deserve all the ridicule and scorn that will come my way.

Anonymous said...


Virtual Unreality said...

Scott, we'll never know of his allegations HAD merit, he had his evidenced destroyed. Read the Buffao News for that amazing acknowledgement from Pillot.

Anonymous said...

sounds as if a crime has been committed: destruction of evidence

even if the candidate had real evidence, now it goes unpunished and, worse yet, uncorrected.

maybe Murphy should get his pal Clark over in Erie to look into this whole sorted affair

Vintage said...

There's no reason to think Pillot's accusations have any merit whatsover if there is no evidence, plain and simple.

But if there was wrongdoing, and if there was evidence, Pillot's primary responsibility is to bring that information to light through the proper channels.

Sounds like he's out in left field to me. I hope the voters of Lockport don't really take this guy seriously.

Larry S said...

I believe I heard a meeting is already scheduled with Pillot and ADA Lundquist. May the truth set you free! Or send your lying ass to jail.

Turk 182 said...

Pillot seems whacky enought that he should be invited to join the Legion of Doom at County Legislature meetings. He & Margie would get along great.