September 6, 2007

An Omen?

The fact that Niagara County does not have a County Executive leaves the county in somewhat of a conundrum. In Erie County, there is no gray area, the County Executive, Joel Giambra, is firmly in charge. For better or worse, albeit temporarily, Giambra holds the reigns of the county.

In Niagara, we have a County Manager, but we also have a Chairman of the Niagara County Legislature. From what I understand, the County Manager, Greg Lewis, is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the county, while the Chairman, Clyde Burmaster, is responsible for setting policy.

Burmaster seems like a pretty amiable fellow despite his temporary lapse in judgement in booting the audience out of a legislature meeting.

Burmaster, as you may recall, replaced the very likeable Bill Ross last year in what appeared to be a move orchestrated by the GOP leadership. Prior to Ross, the Chairmen of the Legislature included Sean O'Connor, Brad Erck, Burmaster, and Gerry Meal.

Interestingly, the last time that Burmaster was Chairman, the GOP lost the majority. Although I don't think anyone believes that the Dems have strong enough horses in the races to pull off a swing of that magnitude, is having Burmaster as Chairman an omen of things to come, and if so, what would that mean to Niagara County?


The agitator said...

I wouldn't be too secure in that Majority thinking. While I think the "Majority Caucus" is made up of pretty decent people, they haven't done a great job in talking about their accomplishments, which essentially would be the sound fiscal shape of the county.

In my opinion, they repeatedly get outflanked by Dennis Virtuoso on the floor of the Legislature. Clearly, Dennis is quicker on his feet than anyone else in the Leg. Too man times, Burmaster looks like a deer in headlights as Dennis runs cirlces around him.

It is eerily similar to 2001.

Virtual Unreality said...

Clyde comes across as very confrontational, not amiable. The GOP made a mistake when they took Ross out, he was a solid leader and terrific representative.

Sweaterman said...

I agree. Although it may not seem like a big deal to the masses but when Burmaster halted the removal of the fruit trees at Bonds Lake he created a real stir with Ag Community. Plum Pox is a serious problem and he was wrong to stop this. He should be listening to the experts. For example, USDA Cornell Cooperative Ext. as well as the Farm Bureau.

Just my $.02

cg466 said...

If you saw the movie star wars.Remember the bar scene? Well thats what this legislature looks like.
This legislature is a reflection of the moral compass of the Voters.
You should all be real proud of what you have. A county executive would just add one more to the butt pile.

cg466 said...

The GOP made a mistake when they took Ross out, he was a solid leader and terrific representative.

Thank you Mrs. Ross

the clerk said...

The good news is that the R caucus will either break even or lose 1 maybe 2 seats at the most. But that does not mean that Clyde hasn't hurt the majority. The tactics of this so called public servant will drive away members of the caucus. They would already be gone if the Party leaders wern't doing clyde control everyday.