September 4, 2007


The Niagara County Legislature took in $865,350 in its Aug. 25 tax foreclosure auction. Is that money accounted for in the budget? It would seem that if it has not already been budgeted as a receiveable, that $865k would equate to about a 1.2% property tax decrease in itself.

City of Niagara Falls Mayor Vince Anello has claimed the unfortunate title of "lame duck" for the remainder of his tenure in office. Anello states that he'll "be just as enthusiastic as I was on my first day.” Let's hope Anello uses the time wisely and to move the city forward.

With the news that a construction worker had his iPod stolen from a classroom at Barker High School on Friday afternoon, my first thought was that things must be getting pretty desperate out in Barker with the oh-so-devastating cuts to the school district. My thoughts quickly turned to asking: If the district is so devastated by the cuts, what are they constructing and how are they paying for it?

The multitude of court challenges of election petitions highlights how difficult of the process of getting on the ballot is in New York State. The system protects incumbents (sans Anello) and discourages new people from getting involved.

Sources have told Niagara Times that LCTV Executive Producer Rich Zapp is so enamored with the job that substitute Legislative Journal hosts Bob Confer and Scott Leffler did while Tom Christy was away that Zapp is considering making the duo the permanent hosts of the show.

State Supreme Court Justice Amy J. Fricano returned to the bench last week after being acquitted of the drugged driving charge last Monday in a nonjury trial in Lockport Town Court. She was found guilty of two traffic violations and fined $310. How is it that this woman can return to the bench with no statement whatsoever to the people who elected her? I'm not talking legally, we know she has the "right" to return to work. I'm talking ethically. As someone who had respected AJ in the past, I cannot begin to comprehend her mindset. Make a public statement, Amy. The public deserves that much.

Niagara County must pay to settle another lawsuit which stemmed from the Niagara County Sheriff's Department. Is it me or have there been an incessant amount of lawsuits generated out of this department over the years?

Niagara County is moving forward with plans for a new public works facility and highway garage. The county has agreed to purchase land in Cambria for the facility. Has anyone seen or heard anything from County Manager Greg Lewis on how the county plans to pay for this multi-million dollar complex?


Larry S said...

Confer and Leffler for Christy? Does that include a future draft pick as well?

The agitator said...

Sounds like Christy is about to get "Wally Pipped"....that will teach him to go away on vacation.

Nothing against Tom, but I did prefer the Confer/Leffler combo. The show seemed more robust and lively.

Much like a politician who has been in office for too long, sometimes you just need a change.

Virtual Unreality said...

There have been alot of lawsuits generated from the Sheriffs Dept. Apparently the mainstream media missed this one too. Do newspapers no longer have "investigative journalists" where they actually have to do some work before misreporting a story?

Scott Leffler said...

The bit on me and Bob taking over for Tom was interesting to read ... although completely devoid of fact. Tom has no plans to step down from Legislative Journal. And Rich has no plans to ask him.

I'm sure that Bob and I will fill in again some time when that's neccessary, but not as a permanent host.