September 25, 2007

More to the Mike Cole Story?

Tom Prohaska has an interesting story today about the Niagara County GOP being very lukewarm to Assemblyman Mike Cole's fundraiser. The link is below:

I'm sure many of you remember the trouble that Cole got into within an intern in Albany in violation of Assembly rules.

Some insiders have emailed to say that while everyone is being cool but polite in the article, the real truth is that neither Senator Maziarz, GOP Chair Henry Wojtaszek nor Mayor Mike Tucker ever agreed to be listed on Cole's fundraising invitation.

Cole was frustrated and just went ahead and listed them anyway. Now, they are avoiding his fundraiser to send a message.

There are strong rumors that several Erie County Republicans are looking to primary Cole. If that happens, you can almost guarantee the Niagara County GOP will field their own candidate in the hope of bringing that that seat back home.

It's also interesting to note that both parties to seem to have a low tolerance for personal misconduct by their candidates. You have Wojtaszek apparently walking away from Cole and Rivera not hesitating to pull the plug on Bob LaBarbera following his DWI arrest. Both chairman deserve kudos for that.


Pete M said...

Mike Cole seems like a pretty decent guy, but he made a political career ending decision to walk into the aprtmant of an intern.

While most guys would privately say, "way to go, Mike!", the reality of the situation is that you just can't do that.

No one should be surprised that Cole is getting the cold houlder from the Niagara County GOP. Several names have been tossed around as a candidate from Niagara County.

Turk 182 said...

Mistakes like this make you unfit for office. It's not just that he went home with an intern. It's that the Assembly, in light of previous incidents involving legislatgors and interns, specifically has a policy banning this to protect the young men and women in the intern program.

He willfully violated the rules and is paying a stiff price.

He's toast.

the clerk said...

Mike is a good guy in a bad situation. Unfortunatly no one wants to give him the benift of the doubt. A lot of people were asked to step aside for Mike and unfortunatly they all still want his job. This has more to do with politics than Mike's actions. bill Clinton was caught on several occations doing things way worse than Mike and hhe seemed to lead the nation in an interesting direction. Mike is very young and learned a leason. I don't think we should send him down the river just yet. Anyway I am sure the voters will decide his fate. It looks like next year might be fun after all.

Virtual Unreality said...

Clerk, you're definitely accurate that alot of people wanted his job, and they still do. Several people stepped aside for that seat to give Cole the opportunity. The problem is he was given the opportunity and he pissed it away. It's not the first time a man's dick got him in trouble, and it wont be the last. Maybe some day Cole will be in a position to run for office, but it won't be for a long, long time.

Clemenza said...

I was always taught you can judge how a person will act professionally by how they conduct themselves personally. I dont' buy this compartmentalization are who you are.

Cole had a wife and kids at home, got drunk with an intern and ahem, slept on her floor. That behavior might be common in Albany, but that doesn't make it OK.

You got caught. Now you pay the price. Good for all the other politicians for walking away from him.

Vintage said...

I found it a little odd that Cole was formally censured in the Assembly (not that he didn't deserve it), while several other Assembly members and staffers were arrested and are serving jail time for things like taking bribes, rape, etc., and Silver looked the other way, no censure.

That's how upside down Albany is, brother.

clemenza said...

Two wrongs don't make a right. So others weren't punished. The Assembly put a policy in place to protect interns and Mike Cole was the first one to get snared. Regardless of others bad behavior, he showed his true colors and should do us all a favor and resign.

And let's be clear: If he runs again, he will not win. He is unelectable now. If he wants a future, get off the stage and do some image rehab and come back later.

cg466 said...

I love it when the bad guy gets it.
I dont feel sorry for this fool.Mike Cole was a horny old soul.

Anonymous said...

mike cole was the poster boy for henry and george. they pushed him hard in the special and general. they waited about six months to finally take a position on him. that is rich. perhaps that they are doing it now because their world is caving in since they got spanked on primary day.

c said...

Boy, you must really hate George and Henry to link them like that to Cole.

And last I looked, it was Dan Rivera's endorsed candidates who got spanked on primary day.

Sweaterman said...

First of all....Mike Cole's Special election and 1st General Election took place before he decided to sleep on an intern's floor after a drunken stooper.

So Anon...wouldn't it make sense for his colleagues to run for the hills once such an agregious act took place.

C is right by the way...Rivera's candidates got spanked hard.

Sam from Lockport said...

If you are talking the three town supervisors races (saying George and Henry got spanked)... think again. If you really look at the numbers like I did from election night... all their dogs were in the Legislature races. And If I was a betting man, I would say they'll pull off the McNaulty race too. George and Henry's backyard. You'll all see. They played games with all you fellow Dems out there in these supervisors races while they spent their time and effort on the Legislature. They're laughing at us. Ha Ha ... they got spanked. Think again.