September 28, 2007

McNulty, Jagow Condemn Spitzer Executive Order

The following is a press release received from Legislator McNulty:

McNulty, Jagow Oppose Driver Licenses for Illegal Immigrants
Two Join to voice outrage, announce legislation preventing implementation of Governor Spitzer’s edict.

Today, 9th District Niagara County Legislator Andrea McNulty was joined by Niagara County Clerk Wayne Jagow at the North Tonawanda branch of the Department of Motor Vehicles to express their outrage at Governor Eliot Spitzer’s latest proposal to grant drivers licenses to undocumented, illegal immigrants.

Legislator McNulty has introduced a resolution that would ask the County Clerk to place a moratorium on the processing of Drivers License applications by illegal immigrants in Niagara County DMV branch offices.

McNulty said “Governor Spitzer’s new policy granting New York State Drivers licenses to illegal immigrants is irresponsible and dangerous. In a time when we as elected officials at the local, county, state and federal level are working towards cooperative solutions to secure our border, it is disappointing for Governor Spitzer to stand in the way of our efforts.”

“The New York State Drivers License is the most universal form of identification and our citizens depend on it for every day identification needs such as banking transactions, age verification and travel needs. Undermining the credibility of this document by granting it to illegal immigrants would weaken public safety and put our citizens in harms way, the new policy is also in violation of both New York State and Federal Law” said McNulty.

County Clerk Wayne Jagow went on to say “The Federal Government has recognized the importance of the security of driver's licenses. That is why Congress has passed the REAL ID Act, which would require social security number background checks of people applying for driver's licenses. After Governor Spitzer's action, not only will his administration be in violation of our own state law, it will also be in noncompliance with the Federal Law Real ID Act. I do not feel comfortable processing applications from illegal immigrants in Niagara County offices; I support Legislator McNulty’s resolution.”

County Clerk Jagow estimates that there are nearly 1,000 illegal immigrants in Niagara County that would be eligible for driver's licenses under Spitzer’s proposal. That figure is based on State DMV estimates.


Larry S said...

Immigration is one of the most polarizing issues in the country. For Spitzer to unilaterally enact this change shows one of thwo things: Arrogance, in that he figures he's so above everyone and everything that he can pull this off, or it could simply be stupidity. Either way, he has made a huge mistake and completely underestimated the pulse of the people.

Clark Griswold said...

Kudos to both McNulty and Jagow...Spitzer's proposal for handing out lisences to people who aren't even legally supposed to be inside our borders is ridiculous. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction for this joke to end.

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Finally a Niagara County Legislator with a brain!

Larry Castellani said...

Spitzer's audacity is an example of another Washington wannabe advocating policies that seem to reflect more the hidden interests of vulnerable economic concers and those working to insure a continued influx of cheap labor. Isn't it odd that such "legal" maneuvering is being used to exonerate lawbreakers and thereby invalidate the breaking of law. Such legal policy helps those who break the law. Go figure! Eventually we've got to see that such contradictory exploitation of political power such as Spitzer's edict are systematic and that it sets a precedent that can make the law a mere tool for the rich and powerful. Possibly some local farmers will be helped by a labor force that will now be more mobile. It just so obviously seems, however, that the rightfulness of the law is now being subordiated to the expediency of the law. This is shortsightedness at best and a kind of legal violence at worst. However it's so very good to see local power being asserted in the face of such obvious state abuse of power.

cg466 said...

No Drivers licence for wetbacks. Even Good king George send no to Poncho Getting the right to vote. Belive me thats what this is all about.Your boy Spitzer is looking to increase the voting block.

Fat Tony said...

This policy is a complete disaster and should be rescinded immediately.

It pains me to see DMV Commissioner Dave Swarts, who was a driving force in getting the tolls removed from the 190 when he was Erie County Clerk, carrying the message of how this is good policy for his boss, Spitzer.

Swarts knows this is terrible for WNY and will negatively impact cross border travel.

Way to sell out for a few pieces of silver, Mr. Swarts.

And good for McNulty and Jagow for standing up.

I can't wait to see what if Niagara Falls Democrats on the County Legislature have the guts to join her in standing up to the governor.