September 14, 2007

If the Majority Changes....

Recently it has been stated that this site has engaged in posting what have been characterized as "partisan" statements. Although we believe that both Republicans and Democrats are equally to blame for our failures, both parties should receive accolades for our successes.

These blames and successes are not limited to the Niagara County Legislature, but should also be focused on our local governments as well as our state representatives, the Governor and his appointees, as well as school boards. They all factor into the equation.

There is much talk these days about the negative aspects of campaigns, and the lack of "tell me what you as a candidate can do for me, not what the other guy is horrible" approach to campaigning.

Since the County Legislature is often the focus of our wrath, I would like to ask a very simple question: If you believe that the County Legislature would be in better hands with a Democratic Majority, why do you believe things would be better?

P.S. For the record, yesterday Mr. Bender stated that we only gave half of the story because we did not post the letter from the Supervisors. At that time, an offer was made to anyone who had the letter to please email it and the letter would be posted in it's entirety. It was never received.


Steve M said...

A Virtuoso-led caucus? God help us all. Even more money will be diverted to that cesspool of a city.

Larry S said...

I keep checking every minute for responses. I think the Dems silence speaks VOLUMES!

Pete said...

I am not shocked at all by a lack of responses from the Dems. If the situation was reversed, it wouldn't surprise me either.

These days, campaigning seems to be all about what the other guys is doing wrong, not what I as a candidate n do to make things better, and it's unfortunate.

Updegrove is my Legislator, and I've received a couple pieces of literature that do focus on the positives, and it's refreshing.

All I hear out of Dalquist are negative ads on WLVL attacking Updegrove. That's not going to get Dalquist my vote. Tell me what you're going to do for me, Charlie.

Scott Leffler said...

First of all, this blog isn't really frequented by Democrats that much, so the lack of an immediate response shouldn't be surprising.

As a member of neither "major" party, I wouldn't expect the Dems to be much different from the GOP ... just in the other direction.

I'd like to see a 10-9 split either way in order to keep it balanced. A monopoly is never advantageous for the consumer ... even in politics.

cg466 said...
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cg466 said...

Erie County has Demorat dumb brain washed voters.
I move to Naigara County and the Repub mentality is just as low.
I hate taxes and I hate stupid people. Tell me why you support these clowns. Wait maybe most of you clowns are public sector employees.Oh I will vote for anybody who runs against Skalarsli.

Sail Away said...

A previous post was deleted for the use of profanity. CG, please clean it up.

Pete said...

I'm not sure about that, Scott. Both Merrill Bender and Chuck Naughton have posted several times.

Scott Leffler said...

I'm not saying they don't check it out. Obviously there are a few that are aware of it ... but they're not addicted like some of us.

Tee2Green said...

To be perfectly honest, it's not going to matter what party is in the majority. Politicians are all the same. If the Dems do take over, they'll be in the majority for a couple years until they screw up and then it will go back to the Republicans.

I must say that I'm disappointed by Steve M's comment about NF. It's people making comments like that which hurt the area. Although NF is not in the best condition, we need to promote it better...and calling it a cesspool does not help.

Merrill Bender said...


I did not get back to you sooner. I have been out talking wtih voters.

I got a copy of the Supervisors letter and posted it to the Buffalo News. Hub

The web administrator can pick it up form there and repost if you wish.

Turk 182 said...

I'm starting to believe that all elections below the state level should be made non-partisan like village elections just to rid local government of this nonsense. What the hell is the difference between the parties at the local level? Who gets to hire attorneys?

We'd be better off we fewer legislators operating in a less partisan environment.

I won't hold my breath.

Larry Castellani said...

Well, it seems a few people on this blog are starting to get the idea that the “parties” don’t really mean anything, except that they are an obstruction to meaning and communication. These cross-party endorsements and caucusing seem to indicate that what really matters has less and less to do with party lines. Also, as an outsider to the history of “local politics,” and an outsider to all the proper names of the “old-timers” and the “new blood,” let me say that all these names, their supposed loyalties and partisanship, grudges, etc., mean nothing to me. And, I suspect they mean little if not nothing to about 80% of the rest of the voters in the county. That’s why they don’t vote let alone stay informed. Nevertheless, it’s brutally obvious that the interest of the county as a whole is at stake. Yet, the power and voting blocs don’t seem to correspond to the real material interest at stake for the people as a whole. Moreover they seem to cancel one another out in securing the prosperity of Niagara County. So the party labels, slogans, talking points, platforms or whatever are merely obstructions to finding out who really represents what. There is a cancerous crisis of trust and truth and a pervasive disbelief regarding virtually anyone’s commitment to the good of the county as a whole. Please forgive an ivory-tower academic the suggestion, but in the mean time, while the unproductive, bickering, backstabbing and name-calling trudges ever onward, I suggest you reinstate Civics and Government courses in all the schools, even, if not especially, the community college. There is a lethal crisis of political intelligence and an imminent need for the democratization of intelligence. The media and other means of conducting an authentic democratic politics don’t work. Possibly we should make real use of the schools and start to educate actual citizens as opposed to barely literate consumers hungry to suck off the ever more desiccated “tit” of the private, public sectors and military sectors. In short, we have to recreate an uncorrupted public sphere, like it or not.