August 23, 2007

Where are the Campaigns?

It is 26 days until the Primary Elections on September 18. There are important elections from Niagara Falls to Somerset and all points in between. So......where are the campaigns, where are the candidates, where is the coverage?

Regardless of where you stand on any particular candidate or issue, this silence so close to an election is not healthy. We want spirited, back and forth discussion over where people want to take our communities.

Niagara Times is working on some interesting ideas on how to provide information on these races that hopefully we will be announcing shortly. In the meantime, if you spot any campaign activity, let us know. The silence is deafening.


Pirate's Code said...

If, by campaign, you mean filling up my mailbox with colorful post cards and flyers telling me why your opponent is a no-good, dog-gone, lying so and so...well, no thanks. Because it seems that too many campaigns in the last few years have come down to who can pump out the most negative mail in the last week before voting.

When was the last time we saw a candidate at most any level lay out an actual platform? If you're the challenger, don't tell me what your opponent hasn't done...tell me what you are going to do first.

If you're the incumbent, don't tell me what you did yesterday...tell me what you are going to do tomorrow. Sort of like the financial disclaimers. "Past performance does not guarantee future results."

Come to my door. Schedule a community meeting. Show up at forums, LCTV, chamber meetings, service clubs, whatever.

Just PLEASE don't jam my mailbox with more negative mail.

The ag said...

Do candidates even go door-to-door any more? I can't remember the last time someone asked for my vote and explained why they were the best candidate.

However, I do not see anything wrong with pointing out deficiencies in your opponent or hyprocrisy in their statements.

For example, Merrel Bender runs on a platform of fiscal responsibility in spite of his bankruptcies and the fact that he has been deliquent in his taxes. He at least owes an explanation.

Scott Leffler said...

If the only thing a candidate can tell me is that the other guy is a loser, it tells me enough to know they haven't got anything good to say about themselves.

There aren't many primaries that really matter, which could explain part of the quiet. And second, in the races where the primaries are of some importance, they've been in court over the past two weeks ... so maybe they're just taking a break.

Turk 182 said...

I think all of this court nonsense is an example of why we need to tweak the political calenar. All of this petition stuff and challenges should be settled more than three weeks from the primary.

And on a side note, I wonder if Babe Rotella and Paul Dyster are tripping all over each other trying to secure Vince Anello's endorsement now that he's out of the race.

Scott Leffler said...


I think they might both be trying to convince him to endorse the other one. :)

I wrote a blog post to my YourHub about the political craziness in the NC.

Alright - gotta do a talk show. More later.

Panthers75 said...

Up here in Newfane we have a couple of interesting primaries going on. Lawn signs are everywhere. I had Marcus Hall, town board candidate knock on my door. I really like him. Also, I came across John Syracuse, our county legislator, campaigning in my neighborhood. I believe candidates who spend time talking to voters and listening are the ones who deserve support.

Tee2Green said...

I had Judge John Batt stop by my house last night and my wife and I had a wonderful conversation with him. He brought along a wonderful packet that really explained him as a family court judge and a great person. His opponent, well she fills our mailbox with letters. I wonder where our votes are going?

I also had Keith McNall stop by my house a couple weeks ago. Again, he was very nice. His opponent, haven't heard a thing. Wonder where the vote is going on this one too?

So my wife and I have had 2 great candidates stop by our house. We really enjoyed having a discussion with them.

Anonymous said...

I think I saw bender at a fire prevention course last week.go figure, the poor guy has been burned before.

Turk 182 said...

Gotta have respect for anyone who goes out there and puts there name on the ballot. I'm a pretty staunch Republican but I can tell you I've voted the other way because a Dem knocked on my door and took the time to really talk through some issues. I thought this person must really want to do a good job, so I voted for him. This candidate won and has been a good public servant.

PacMan said...

About two weeks ago, I had Tony Nemi stop by my house. It was refreshing to have a candidate stop by and have an open discussion about the issues. We need more candidates like him.

Anonymous said...

Last week around 9PM I had Bev McDonough knock on my door to ask me to sign a petition for her. I just had the baby put to sleep and the door bell rang. Too say the least, the baby began screaming and it ended up being a very long night. I don't mine when candidates knock on my door at a reasonable time, but let's use some discretion Ms. McDonough, it was pitch black outside. I hope see knows that she didn't leave a very good impression with me.

Cardinal said...

Judge Batt stopped by my house and we had a very nice conversation about his role as Family Court Judge. He is the only one so far. I'll leave the light on, but won't hold my breath!

Apollo Creed said...

I live in Lockport and had Mike Cole stop by my house. Seemed like a nice guy. was surprised to see him this year after that scandal but it is good to see he is out talking to people and taking his medicine.

Fed Up said...

How do people in Lockport get any sleep with all of this knocking on doors?

And Apollo Creed, are you sure Mike Cole just wasn't there to take your daughter out on a date?!?!?

cg466 said...

They all suck.The last one who knocked on my door I threw him off my porch.Now in my district we have the drunk guy against Fingers.
I plan on sitting in a gin mill election day.Why vote they are all worthless. And we are stupid.

Sweaterman said...

I have also have found it very quiet. In fact the only coverage I have seen from the mainstream papers has been from candidates that are running against the majority or the petition problems in the Falls.

and cg466....If you think they are all worthless? Why don't you run?

Its easy to sit on the sidleines and complain and throw shots but there are good candidates for office out there. However it is a shame that the local media fails to even contact them.

cg466 said...

and cg466....If you think they are all worthless? Why don't you run?

I was raised not to steal from my neighbors.Again they all suck.The only time I get excited about a politician is when I see there name in the Obits? Then I smile and buy a round of drinks.