August 8, 2007

Spitzer's "Happy Talk"

Let's say you are a scandal-ridden governor looking for some love. Where would you find it? Well, if you are Eliot Spitzer, aka Steamroller Spitzer, immersed in a scandal that threatens to destroy your political career, you go looking for love in the Daily Kos with a divorced from reality "Happy Talk" blog post that makes no mention any pending unpleasantries.

Spitzer's "Happy Talk" love fest on the Daily Kos will have no effect in stopping the scandal investigations but perhaps it is temporarily therapeutic to brag about himself to his fellow leftists in his blog post titled, Congratulations on a Great Weekend:

"While we are seeing a mounting reform movement at the national level, I would also urge you to be aware of some of the important developments that are occurring in statehouses across the country. There are some exciting things happening, demonstrating that your activism is also paying dividends at the state level."

If you thought that being mired in a sordid scandal would have induced at least some humility in Eliot Spitzer you would be wrong. The governor goes on to boast:

"We have had some tremendous successes already and have laid the ground work for future progress."

Unfortunately for Governor Spitzer, few were unwilling to buy into his self-glorification "Happy Talk" love fest:

"Used to be a fan Spitzer until Troopergate. I can't believe you would use taxpayer monies and the state police to try and set up a state Senator Joseph Bruno. Those are Nixon-, Bush-, Clinton-type tactics. You are above that."

"Lawyers he needs, regardless of where he gets them. Our love he doesn't need, and he won't be getting any from me until he comes clean."

"Your credibility is under serious strain - and that's saying something coming from folks like me who have touted you as an archetype of the good politician. At one time I thought you would make a great President. Please respond, Governor, and don't insult us with more dissembling."

To read more of Eliot Spitzer's "great weekend", check out


Scott Leffler said...

Sail Away, can I ask you a simple question? Do you WANT Spitzer to fail? And does that mean that you oppose reform? And prefer the status quo? It really seems it.

Mr. Pink said...

Sail Away,

I ask the same question. While the Governor might have been a little over the top with his rhetoric and tactics, many of his means were noble.

As has been stated often, when your governor, the ends can't always justify the means....the "means" do matter. Fine, his adminstration screwed up and continues to pay the prices. But at some point, Spitzer still needs to govern.

I have a big problem with people who put on blinders to certain politicians.

Take a look locally. While Senator Maziarz regularly wins with 70 percent of the vote, that small percentage that votes against him really, really hates him. Yet if you ask community leaders across WNY who are most effective state legisator is, most will say Maziarz.

We need Spitzer and Maziarz and others to succeed because that means we succeed.

Pirate's Code said...

The following paragraphs are from an AP story this morning about Spitzer's remarks at the Chautauqua Institute yesterday.

ALBANY — Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer said the scandal stalling his administration shows how his “passion” for reforming Albany needs to be tempered with humility.

“Without vigilance and humility,” Spitzer said Tuesday at Chautauqua Institution, “righteousness can become self-righteousness.”

“Over the past few weeks, it has become evident that this principle was forgotten,” Spitzer said, according to a transcript of the speech. “We were fighting so hard for what we believed that we let down our guard and allowed our passion to get the best of us. I have accepted responsibility for these failures.”

So, maybe he's starting to get that being a steamroller or the Sheriff of Wall St. doesn't give you carte blanche. Or, maybe, he's speaking out of both sides of mouth -- humility at Chautauqua, hubris on the Daily Kos.

There are probably many who would like him to fail. I suspect most reasonable folks in NY would prefer that he succeed -- at least as far as the economy is concerned.

Either way, it's up to him.

Anonymous said...

Don't like him, don't hate him. Voted for him hoping for change. Clearly he is just more of the same. Still hope he can do something good to get us some good jobs up here, but I not as hopeful as I was.

Sail Away said...

Do I want to see Spitzer fail? Of course not. We are all well aware of the fact the NYS has the most dysfunctional government in the country.
However, I do enjoy seeing Spitzer squirm. His whole career, he has been a school yard bully who has been able to use whatever tactics necessary to achieve his goals.
The changes needed in this state are not going to be made by a man who labeled HIMSELF a "fucking steamroller".
Whether he likes it or not, and it's obvious he doesn't, there are three legislative bodies that must agree to anything and everything that is done in this state.
I don't like Spitzer because I don't like his methods and I don't like bullies.
Since you want to know if I want Spitzer to fail, let me ask you this: Do you condone the methods he has utilized to spy on Bruno the ensuing attempted cover-up?

Scott Leffler said...


No, I don't. But you also don't see me basking in the glow of Joe Bruno's misgivings. While the current gov is less than perfect, he's at least got a chance at reform. I supported Pataki in the beginning, as well, until it became evident that he was willing to go along to get along. I like the fact that Eliot is pushing for change ... even if I don't like all the buttons he's pushing.

Obviously, this is your blog and you'll write what you see fit. I just want to temper that jubilation with some reality: If Spitzer fails, we all lose.

Sail Away said...

I agree, but the problem with your response is that you turn it right back on Bruno. This is not about Bruno, it's about Spitzer using state resources to spy on someone who he was not authorized to spy on. You have made the exact same argument about W a million times, and have crucified W for using the same methods Spitzer has.
To reiterate, I don't like bullies, and Spitzer is the epitome of a bully. If he does fail, he has absolutely no one to blame but himself.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it appears the Mutual Admiration Society between Leffler and Sail Away has come to an end.

Sail Away said...

Not true, I still have nothing but love for Leff. We don't actually disagree, we just have different perspectives on this story.

Scott Leffler said...

No, Anon, you're wrong on that. I'm man enough to be able to disagree with Sail Away without being disagreeable ... and I'm betting he's the same.

Scott Leffler said...

How funny. We posted at the same time. Glad to know I was right.

Big Daddy said...

If Albany leadership took the approach of SA and Leff, maybe we'd get some stuff done.

That's my own frustration with Spitzer. To think politics doesn't influence government is naive. But Spitzer never turned it down a little to try and get stuff done.

But you know what...watching the coverage of his visit to the Falls, I think maybe he's starting to get it.

cg466 said...

Adolpd Spitzer. I told you so!!!!

Cardinal said...

Reading the news today, it appears that the Governor forgot that he represents all of Niagara County, not just Niagara Falls. Signs a bill to help the falls, vetoes a bill to help Barker. Typical!

William Wallace said...

PR and Votes drives that