August 16, 2007

Spitzer Vetoes CWM Bill

The Governor vetoed a Maziarz/DelMonte bill that would have banned siting hazardous waste fills in locations with a potential to discharge into the Great Lakes System. In other words, it would have stopped the CWM expansion in Porter.

Now, I'm all for anything that stops hazardous waste from coming into our community, so I appreciate the frustration of many of the activists who had hoped Spitzer would do the right thing and sign the bill but now feel very let down.

My question: Governor Pataki, who was generally recognized as a Green Governor, vetoed this last year. Spitzer is also Green and has appointed some very well-known enviromental activists to top positions in his administration and yet he vetoed the bill. So, is there something terribly flawed in this approach and the good people fighting this fight just aren't listening to the concerns coming out of Albany or does this show that both Republicans and Democrats, regardless of how green they supposedly are, will carry the water for a big corporation like CWM?


Fed Up said...

I'm shocked that Spitzer vetoed this, but the way you pose the question has me wondering if there is something wrong with the bill.

But to just veto it after Pataki did the same thing last year rather than negotiate something that is acceptable to everyone is maddening.

Why the hell is Niagara County the dumping ground for everyone's waste? Are our lives that unimportant?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see if the enviornmentalits let Spitzer off the hook or ramp up the rhetoric like they did with Pataki.

cg466 said...

God I love this part of posting Here!


Bob Confer said...

Unfortunately for us, this will continue for years regardless the environmental background of any governor. It's a perfectly-constructed ploy by Albany "leadership"....the legislature crafts a bill they really don't want (in an effort to look good to the regional segments of "green" voters) only after working out a deal with the Governor that he vetoes the bill so he can take the brunt of criticism.

They are a few things that you can't "site" in New York State (or have a VERY diifuclt time in doing so), two of them being power plants and waste dumps. So, Albany will never allow a dump to be created elsewhere (the politicians are NIMBY in regard to dumps) and instead they will expand all existing dumps....much to the detriment of Niagara County and the Great Lakes basin.

God, I hate Albany.

The agitator said...


Unfortunately, I think you are right on the money wiht this one. Niagara County is stuck and I don't see any way around it. I really thought Spitzer was on the side of the people on this one, but he again proves he is just another politician like the rest of them.

I hate Albany too.